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Monday Night Fun on Miami Beach

The Best Nightclubs Open on Monday in Miami

Monday Night at Miami Beach

Where can I go out on a Monday night in Miami?

Miami Beach is the premier resort city on the coast of Miami-Dade County in Florida. Plenty of beautiful beaches are abundant in this city, so you will undoubtedly enjoy plenty of outdoor time in the Sunshine State. However, when it comes to figuring out what to do at night in the city, you might be unprepared. You don’t want to end up choosing the wrong place to hang out, as this can ruin the little time you have left in the city.

Music and Dance at Miami Beach
Music and Dance at Miami Beach

It can be particularly difficult to figure out what to do in Miami Beach on a Monday night, as many area residents are in back-to-work mode. Surprisingly, there are plenty of things to do on Monday nights in the area, and residents often partake. Here are a few of the options you can take part in.

Food & Drinks

Perhaps you have had a long day in the sun on South Beach and you want to dance the rest of the night away. Miami Beach is known for its white sand and beautiful blue waters, but you also have the opportunity to try out a variety of different foods. The city is a true melting pot, which features cuisine inspired by all areas of the globe. Try something new to spark your senses and enjoy every last bite.

Music & Dance

Sunbathing is how people in Miami Beach relax, but dancing to music is the true way to get some exercise. You can enjoy music from the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and other parts of the world as you admire the Miami Beach scene. While Monday nights can be work nights for some folks, this doesn’t slow Miami Beach down a beat!

Monday Night at Miami Beach
Monday Night at Miami Beach

Enjoy it All in One Spot

When you are in the mood to dance, drink and enjoy live music, consider Tantra. If you are looking to get out on the town for some fun, a Miami Beach Monday nightclub is just the ticket. Tantra Restaurant & Lounge is one of the premiere night spots on the beach. The lounge hosts a special Monday night party that lasts until 5:00 a.m. the next day. You can enjoy some great dance songs from Resident DJ Louise Dee as you enjoy your choice of drinks. Tantra remains the hottest spot on Monday nights in Miami Beach and is a great place to meet up with friends or make new ones.

While dance, music, and drinks are a part of many nightclubs, Tantra Restaurant & Lounge isn’t your ordinary hangout spot. Packed with real tantric sculptures, hookah pipes, marble-lit walls, and even fresh grass in certain parts of the lounge, this is the premiere place to be that can suit a variety of tastes. On top of all that, the restaurant features creative dishes with Oriental and Caribbean flair. If you are ready to turn an ordinary Monday night into a memorable one, you can experience the Miami Beach difference.

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