Finding a car rental company in Miami

Renting a car is just easy in Miami and if you are rich enough to fly to Miami, then you can rent a car right at the airport premises. There are almost 16 companies that have a close association with the Miami International Airport and passengers can rent a car from any of those companies at the airport. The companies are located a mile away from the airport and renting a car is the most preferred option just to get rid of the hassles of parking.

Miami Car RentalsPassengers will be transported to the Miami International Airport lobby from their arrival in a shuttle bus service, and it is there that a passenger can have the option of choosing his car company and renting a car.

Take time to collect your baggage from the baggage claim area in the airport and step outside the terminal and wait for a few minutes until you are picked up by a vehicle marked with the words “Rental Car Shuttle”.

The map of the pickup locations can be found in the official website of RCC or you can simply get it here In case you are still confused about the pickup locations, seek the help of a transport attendant and he will guide you the right way.

RCC provides a one-stop shopping place for the travel needs of customers. RCC is filled with vehicles and is equipped with a huge fleet containing about 6,500 vehicles. The vehicles in the company are known for their quality and the staff crew is efficient enough to take their customers to and from their places without any time delay.

Passengers can also travel to RCC from the Miami International Airport through electric trains. There is a Mover train at the station which is located on the third level between Flamingo Ganges and Dolphin. Passengers can also make use of the 3rd level Skyride to gain access to MIA Mover station.

Once the rental car is chartered, the next problem that arises is returning the rental car. Passengers can go to the Miami International Airport Rental Car Centre which is located at 3900 N.W. 25th street. However, verify the proper route to the place before you choose to go.

A good travel guide will guide you properly on reaching the place. The Rental Car Centre at the Miami International Airport was opened only in the year 2010 and hence takes care not to follow the old Global Positioning System (GPS). The old GPS navigation systems may carry only the old address of your car rental company and this will land you in trouble, making you search for the place in the city.

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You can look for the exact directions and navigation from the map present in the RCC website. Miami, a place situated in the Atlantic coast of South Eastern Florida is a place worth visiting because of the many things you can do there. The city is known for its industrial and commercial significance and a visit to Miami would ensure you a handful of wonderful experiences.

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