Misibis Bay Hotel in Cagraray Island

Misibis Bay Lagoon Pool (photo by Misibisbay.com)

Misibis Bay Hotel

Cagrayray Island is one of those unique places in the Philippines that makes you feel like you have done something very good and are being rewarded for it. Sitting less than an hour from Manila by plane or just twenty minutes from Legazpi by boat, it feels like you are much further away from it all when you are on Cagraray. That feeling of reward goes on, especially if you are staying in the Misibis Bay Hotel (check rates).

Misibis Bay Hotel in Albay
Misibis Bay Hotel in Albay

Set amidst the massive green mountains and looking out over the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean, this fantastic resort sits on twenty hectares and provides suites, villas, and all of the modern amenities you might desire in paradise.

Misibis Bay Island Spa
Misibis Bay Island Spa

Whether you want to visit the beach or the mountains, if you are a guest at Misibis Bay Hotel, you are able to. Not only that, but guests have access to the spa, an outdoor swimming pool, ATVs, jet skis, windsurfing, snorkeling, and more simply by asking the concierge to arrange it. n all be arranged.

Resort in Misibis Bay
Resort in Misibis Bay

If sitting in the room is what you desire, you can enjoy the verdant tropical views while using the in-room wi-fi, watching DVDs, or listening to your favorite songs on the provided iPod docks. Or maybe you want to get a Wii delivered from the front desk. It’s up to you.

Step outside to watch birds, go to the movie room to watch current films, work out at the gym, relax in the spa or sauna, or grab a bite to eat at one of the three different restaurants on the property. If you prefer drinks with umbrellas on the beach, well, there is a beach bar too. In fact, there isn’t much that isn’t available at Misibis Bay Hotel.

The thirty-seven Asian inspired villas, helicopter rentals, and world-class spa service provide you with everything you need to feel like you are in heaven. that includes 24-hour butler service or a speedboat if you should need one. Misibis Bay Resort (check rates) is extraordinary, extravagant, and enchanting. And if you are there, yes, you must have done something very good.

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  1. cheap flights philippines says

    wow how come I never heard of this place. All I knew good about the Bicol region was wakeboarding, but that’s just me I think.

    A truly amazing place to be in definitely.

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