Easing Spring Travel Stress and Anxieties

Luggage Lock

Among the many anxieties and stresses associated with spring travel, there is one that the traveler can easily avoid – concern about luggage theft or losing a luggage key during their trip.

Luggage Lock
Luggage Lock

Wordlock® (www.wordlock.com), the first lock that enables the use of letters and words as combinations that can be set and re-set, is offering luggage locks for the spring travel season. Wordlock uses patented algorithms that create the best mix of vowels and consonants, maximizing the number of four-letter words that can be created on Wordlock letter dials – up to 10,000 different letter combinations.

Spring Travelers can match the luggage lock to their luggage colors since the locks are available in pink, green, silver, red, and black – colors that will help the travelers quickly identify their luggage on baggage carousels. Wordlock luggage locks can also be personalized with the travelers’ initials.

Wordlock luggage locks are TSA-accepted and Travel Sentry approved, allowing airport security to inspect luggage without the use of bolt cutters – an important feature since many travelers are not aware that they can lock their luggage. As a result, many travelers leave checked bags unlocked, causing them concern over potential theft of belongings.

Wordlock luggage locks are available at retailers nationwide including Kmart, Target, Menards, Fred Meyer, and select Lowe’s, True Value Hardware, and Do It Best stores. The locks are also available online at Amazon.com and Wordlock.com for an SRP of $8.99.

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    Locks are quite important factors of security when traveling, it is best that some things we go for quality for better safety measures. Nice post.

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