Travel Tips for Freelancers: How to Balance Work and Travel

How to Balance Work and Travel

Travel Tips for Freelancers

One of the most significant advantages that convince people to become freelancers nowadays is flexibility. The Internet is everywhere nowadays, and it is very easy to stay connected from anywhere around the world. So, why stay in an office from 9 to 6 and miss the chance to explore what the world has to offer? Therefore, more people are choosing this lifestyle and decide to win their income from freelancing activities. Moreover, considering that their job requires just a stable internet connection and a laptop, many of them travel around the world. Thus, they combine work with leisure and create unforgettable memories. But, one question that always appears in digital nomads’ minds is how to find the right balance between work and travel. How do they manage to work on their projects and not miss what their new destination has to offer?

Travel Tips for Freelancers
Travel Tips for Freelancers

Plan your work in advance

A successful freelancer knows that he needs to stay organized if he wants to meet deadlines and win more projects from his clients. Therefore, keeping a calendar is one of the most popular options. On the other hand, when traveling, freelancers might get distracted by their new destination. They might be tempted to delay work just to have more time to explore the city or go on one-day trips in nearby locations. However, if they want to keep traveling and earn their living from freelancing, they should stay organized just as they did when they were at home. Thus, before travel, freelancers should plan their work ahead. One practical tip is to decide which are the deadlines they need to work on before hitting the road and which they can handle while traveling. Prioritizing is one of the most important lessons a freelancer learns. So, traveling represents an excellent opportunity to exercise it.

Have a good internet connection

A freelancer relies on a good internet connection to finalize his work. Therefore, when traveling, a freelancer should make sure that he will find in the new location the same internet connection as at home. Before packing their bags, freelancers should carefully check if they will have a secure internet connection at the hotel they are going to stay in. Moreover, they can also check for options around their hotel. There are a lot of cafes or restaurants which can offer good internet for their visitors. However, freelancers should also think of back-up options. They can also do a bit of research and check if they bring their internet connection. On the other hand, there can also be various paid options which they can choose and use as a back-up in case they don’t find the desired connection at the location. A 3G wireless hotspot device will always be a wise choice, which any freelancer can carry with him everywhere.

Travel Nomad
Travel Nomad

Inform your clients only if necessary

One of the questions that bother many freelancers before traveling is whether they should inform their clients. It all depends on how much their availability will be affected by this decision. For example, if they will be less available, then it is obvious that their clients should know about it. In addition, this doesn’t mean that if a freelancer decides to take a short break and be less available for a limited period, he should feel guilty about it. Freelancers have the right to work from anywhere they want and even take seasonal breaks if they feel to. Christine Williams, head of the HR department at recommends that “freelancers shouldn’t over-inform their clients. If their working schedule will not be affected while traveling, then it is not mandatory to let clients know about it. As long as they receive the work according to deadlines, then clients don’t need to know the location of their freelancers”.

Make the best use of traveling time

On their way to the destination, freelancers might change different means of transportation. Therefore, they will spend a serious amount of time sitting down on a bus, train, or plane. The wisest thing a freelancer can do during that time is to work on his projects. Especially when they travel by night, freelancers can finalize some important projects during this time. Thus, they win more time to enjoy their surroundings when they reach their destination. On the other hand, it is very easy to get distracted by a movie on the plane or by other passengers on the train. In these situations, it is very important that freelancers don’t cheat themselves and stay focused on the projects they have to deliver. By following this strategy, a freelancer buys more time for relaxation.

How to Balance Work and Travel
How to Balance Work and Travel

Choose Airbnb

Traveling always comes with a cost. Thus, a freelancer should carefully plan his budget and make a balance between what he gets from clients and how much he spends in his trip. Especially when he wants to travel for an extended period, then planning becomes even more critical. When it comes to accommodation, one of the most cost-effective solutions is Airbnb. Apart from low cost, Airbnb also brings another advantage. In an apartment rented through Airbnb network makes any freelancer feel like home and find the relaxation and inspiration he needs to work on his projects.

Freelancing is very flexible, but it also requires meticulous planning. Even though they are not stuck in an office, freelancers should pay attention to the destination they choose and how much they have to spend while traveling. The tips above can help any freelancer find the right balance between work and travel. Any traveling experience should be unique, but it shouldn’t compromise any freelancing projects or deadlines.

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