Learn Surfing in San Juan La Union

While having our familiarization tour sponsored by Thunderbird Resorts in Poro Point, we had a chance to visit on of the surfing schools in San Juan La Union. The last time I visited San Juan was January of this year during Lakbay Norte 2010 where some of the participants in the fam tour enjoyed the Surfing Lessons with Luke Landrigan.

Surfing in La Union

Surfing may not be as popular as Basketball in the Philippines but it is no doubt one of the best pastimes in the country and everyone is interested to learn how to do it. The question is, where do you go to learn Surfing? While there are many options, I recommend the surf resorts in San Juan La Union.

Surf Instructor in San Juan
Surf Instructor in San Juan

The great thing about San Juan La Union is that the waves are strong and long and they are perfect for beginners because it isn’t likely that they will overpower you with the surge when you are trying to paddle out into them.

Luke Landrigan
Celebrity Surfer : Luke Landrigan

The surf camps and schools in San Juan La Union are professional and not priced too high. They are happy to work with beginners or those who want to learn how to rip better but already have the basics down. You can opt for group or one on one lessons and either choice will promise to get you up and surfing on the first day.

Pinoy Surfer in La Union
Getting Ready to Surf

The lessons are typically best in the mornings when the swell is strongest and the instructors are fresh. There are also afternoon and midday lessons, but you run the risk of having a tired instructor who wants to get some board time of his own rather than getting you to improve your form.

Surfing 101
Surfing 101

One of the great things about San Juan La Union is that people are supportive of beginners so you don’t find any of the localism and attitudes that you get in other more professional surf spots when you are floundering around. Plus, after a nice session, there are plenty of places to grab a cold cerveza and enjoy the day or evening with the locals. One thing for sure, surfers love to party as much as they love to surf!

La Union Local Surf Instructors
La Union Local Surf Instructors

If you want to learn surfing in La Union, checkout these surfing schools :

La Union Surf Resort (Surf Camp)
Brgy. Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union
+63 72 7200340

You’ll find plenty of board rentals and shops in San Juan La Union, but if you want to bring your own, that’s cool too. Hang ten Dude!

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    si April ata yung isa.

  5. Tripper10 says

    Its true that surfing is not popular like Basketball (Phil) but i personally think that it is more fun and exciting.. 🙂

  6. Boracay says

    It really is fun and exciting.. It’ll also pump your adrenaline rush. Di ko inakala merond din pala surfing scenes sa La Union.. Kala ko sa Surigao lang? 🙂

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