Longanisa Festival 2010 in Cabanatuan City

Philippines is really known for its never ending Festivities. While some festivals are religious in nature, some talks about cuture and some celebrates good harvest.

Cabanatuan City celebrates good food by holding a yearly festival called Longanisa Festival. Now on its third year, Cabanatuan also celebrates the City’s 60th founding anniversary.

This week-long celebration is being held in the vicinity of the public market along Paco Roman Street. Apart from the locals meat traders and consumers, tourists from nearby town are also joining the celebration.

Highlighting the festival were the cooking contest and the variety of preparations for longanisa (native sausage), including spaghetti and “binagoongan”.  In Cabanatuan City, the favorite longanisa preparations were “batutay”, “longanisang bawang” and “longanisang matamis”.

A group of meat vendors who called their group as “Babuyita Dancers” also performed a longanisa inspired number to the tune of the election instructional song “Bilog na Hugis Itlog” of the popular Sexbomb dance group.

Vergara thanked the participants for the success of the festival “despite calamities that nearly crippled” the agriculture sector here late last year.  Source – PNA


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