Crumpler Dry Red No.2 iPad Case Review

Crumpler Dry Red No.2 is a classic boarding bag that is capable of comfortably loading the travel documents as well as personal things of the user. The bag fits comfortably for the users who make use of an iPad. The case is designed in such a way that it does not compromise on the legroom of the user. The bag comes with many attractive features and specifications.

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Crumpler Dry Red No.2

The iPad Case mainly comes with five storage zones. The five storage zones include the presence of a four zippered pocket that is further enhanced with the presence of four-compartment organizer and also a key loop. The second storage zone comes with a cargo space in the interior which is twin gripper zippered. Another attraction of the iPad Case is the presence of a mesh panel that is placed inside an interior pocket that is zippered in nature.

Other classified storage zones in the iPad Case includes the presence of a rear zippered pocket as well as side stuff pocket that is especially designed for micro umbrella. The major attraction of this bag includes its water-proofing capabilities which prevent the bag from any kind of damage in case it comes in touch with a water based environment. The bag is also tested in extreme conditions and has been proved fit which makes it ideal for the users who want to carry this bag while they are travelling on a Holiday or a business trip.

The presence of a wide and completely adjustable shoulder strap ensures maximum comfort for the users. The weight of the bag is being distributed evenly by means of implementing a 38mm wide strap. In addition to that, making use of a tri-glide buckle will help the users in adjusting how high or low the bag is placed so that it provides users with the utmost comfort.

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Crumpler Dry Red no 2 compartments

As far as the size specifications of the bag are taken in to consideration, it comes with a width of 33 cm followed by a height specification of 20 cm and a depth of 11 cm. The bag also comes with a maximum volume of around 7 litres. The bag weighs approximately 0.45 kg which makes it extremely portable.

The product also comes with warranty. If the bag gets damaged within the first three months, the company will replace the bag where as after three months, if the bag gets damaged, the company will repair the bag. In both the cases, the users are advised to keep the original receipt with them. The Crumpler Dry Red No.2 iPad Case arrives mainly in two colors namely Black as well as Red colors.

The user-friendly features make this device the best suited for all those users who travel a lot. The iPad Case provides the business users mainly to place their iPad comfortably inside the bag. Thus the bag has all it takes to convince the users with its attractive and reliable design features.

Crumpler Dry Red Bag is available at : Crumpler Bonifacio Highstreet, Crumpler Trinoma, Crumpler Megamall and Crumpler Robinsons Ermita.

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