Davao Japanese Tunnel

Located in Matina Balusong, Diversion Road still in Davao City, you will find The Japanese Tunnel – a historical location that has been developed as a tourist spot. You will know you are getting close to the area where the tunnel is located when you begin to move through the hilly section west of the city.

Davao Japanese Tunnel
Japanese Tunnel Entrance

We were actually expected to be Mam Bebs Bakery and Restaurant for the Google Mapping event but since we are still waiting for other participants, Lyle and Donna offered to tour us around. In just about 20 minute drive from Downtown, we finally reached the Japanese Tunnel. In addition to the tunnel there is also a restaurant and an inn that you may want to checkout. Before you start exploring the tunnel you will see some beautiful Japanese statues of World War II, Japanese soldiers and Japanese women wearing traditional Kimono’s.

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Our guide told us that the tunnels were used by the Japanese during World War II to transport equipment and shift forces, all underground so the enemy could not keep track of them.

Inside the Japanese Tunnel
Inside the Tunnel

I noticed several statues of Japanese soldiers inside the tunnel as well. The tunnel itself is only about one thousand feet long, but the rest of it is closed off to tourists because those areas are owned by different people than the main part of the tunnel.

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Davao Historical Sites

The tunnel is lighted inside and you will be initially led inside by a local tour guide. You will notice sudden change of temperature once you reach the middle of the tunnel. I also noticed different World War II era weapons and offices that were used by the Japanese soldiers which were kept intact while some were restored.

Japanese Soldier
Japanese Soldier Replica

As you proceed farther into the tunnel, you will see a couple of chapels as well as more weaponry, bombs and bullets.  Apart from its huge historical significance, The Japanese Tunnel has become a great tourist attraction for people who loves to explore historical and heritage.

Prisoners of War
Me and Sarah : Prisoners of War:)

Make sure you ask your guide questions though, as I found ours not to be so forthcoming with information. There are actually many of these tunnels located around Davao, but this is the main one to see because it has been developed for tourists. The Tunnel can accommodate a maximum of 50 tourist at a time. Many thanks to Lyle and Donna for the ride and the fantastic sidetrip:)

  1. simtoink says

    did u ol know that japanese tunnel is also owned by the Lim family in Davao..There businesses includes RDL Pharmaceutical Laboratory in Catitipan, D’Leonor Condotel in Bajada and Emar’s Resort and Hotel in Times Beach, Matina..

    just sharing.. 🙂

  2. athina says

    where is the contact number???!!!!

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