Island Hopping in Puerto Princesa – Pambato Reef, Honda Bay and Snake Island

One of the things I love about being in Puerto Princesa is the ability to island hop and see all the amazing little spots that exist nearby. The day after we had a wonderful time in Nagtabon Beach Cove and Puerto Princesa Underground River, our next day destination was a usual route for tourists – the famous Honday Bay.

travel honda bay
Honda Bay Tourist Information Center

The snorkeling and diving spots around Pambato Reef is totally mind blowing, although I was not able to snorkel during my recent visit. I can say that there’s still incredible underwater visibility and huge fish density based on my fellow bloggers testimonial.

Snorkeling spots puerto princesa palawan
Pambato Reef Snorkeling Spots

Another spot I love is Snake Island – a beautiful island covered with mangroves. The island is best for family picnic since you can bring your own fresh seafood and marinated meats and have it grilled in one of the Picnic huts available for rent.

Snake Island Mangrove Area
Snake Island Mangrove Area

There are few souvenir shops and Sari-sari stores available near the center of the island offering refreshments and snacks.

Dongho with Palaweno Kids
Dongho with Palaweno Kids

The west side of the beach near the boat station was converted into a beach volleyball court which was completely utilized by mostly boatmens while waiting for their passengers.

Pasalubong Vendor in Snake Island
Pasalubong Vendor in Snake Island

Another island hopping destination fronting the Snake Island is called Pandan Island but unfortunately we were not able to check it out due to time restrictions.  According to our tour guide, Pandan Island has a small drop offs and good reefs which is also great site for snorkeling and diving.

Snake Island in Puerto Princesa
Snake Island in Puerto Princesa

Honda Bay is definitely a great place to relax and enjoy the sun. Microtel Puerto Princesa is also offering an island hopping tour for their guests but if you want to contact a tour operator based in Puerto Princesa directly, you may contact Ellen’s Travel and Tours (6348) – 4347052

You gotta love the Puerto Princesa…. The way I do!!

  1. Micamyx says

    Love that photo of Dong Ho with the kids 😀

    1. melo says

      I took a lot of photos of you guys pero ako wala ahahahaha bitter:(

  2. Stephanie says

    meron ba silang iwanan ng things? kung galing ba kaming sabang aabot kami sa time ng island hopping?…thanks

  3. Kat March says

    During our island hopping, we only got to visit Snake Island and Pambato Reef. The boatmen said the other islands are closed or something…

    1. Melo Villareal says

      Other islands are private I guess:)

  4. Boracay says

    Why is it called Snake Island? Are there lots of snakes there? Is it safe to swim or hop there? :O

    1. Melo Villareal says

      I guess the shape is similar to a snake haha:)

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