How to Take Good Travel Photographs

Novice Monk in Burma

Photography Tips: How to Take Good Travel Photographs

More people are posting photos from their travels, with the massive popularity of social media websites and the joys of travelling to far-off places. People update their statuses with the most recent shots of them in a new park or in front of a noteworthy building or statue; it’s clear that travel photography is practiced by anyone whether or not they have the expensive equipment but merely want to immortalise a place above everything. And, to do this, to paraphrase Capa, you need to get close to your subject.

Northern Lights Good Travel Photographs
Northern Lights Good Travel Photographs

Taking travel photographs when travelling is a must – it’s not just for the good-looking who can show off both their assets and the unique picturesque-ness of their backdrop but for anyone who wants to capture a special memory and own a souvenir for life, which are what travel photographs are about. Listed below are a few memorable travel photography tips for better photographs that’ll make you cherish your memories more.

Travel Photography Tips
Travel Photography Tips

1. Discover a photo pose that works for you

This might make your photos darned similar, but it’ll work in making you look good. You don’t have to do the same poses each time, but experiment on angles that flatter your appearance. This can be done when you see the results of course, but looking at a mirror while posing will work. Face angled down with one side of your body tilted towards the camera and another away looks good on most and works for selfies, and that’s what I do for my own social media selfies.

2. Perfect Combination

Related to tip number 5 on this list, is thinking about people, places, and things and not just a couple. To make your photographs really dynamic, think of the place and what makes it special, and make a point for the people you’re capturing to be really in the moment. It won’t require as much intelligence as it looks, but careful arrangement of the usual photo elements.

Wildlife Photography
Wildlife Photography

3. Tone down everything to light things up

Make-up and everything else you need to touch up before you take your picture can be done before you take your flight. Assess how you look and come up with a signature look you won’t be afraid to show in your travel photographs. For example, toning things down means not going overboard on makeup and selecting the best clothes that look good in travel photographs.

4. Angles and Perspectives

If you’re asking a stranger to take your photograph – make sure they’re with other people so they won’t run off with your digital camera or smartphone – ask them to stand in time-tested places that others had used as a vantage point before. The result can be unique if you tell them to angle the lens upward to sweep over the background be it the Eiffel Tower or a famous bridge.

Taj Mahal India
Taj Mahal India

5. In the Know

As we mentioned, it’s best if you have more than a little understanding of the place you’re in. This includes spending more time than normal surveying which times of day and which nooks are most ideal for you to photograph yourself in. Try mornings above all when the lighting is perfect and check when there are the least people around.

The best travel photographs are taken by people who understand not only what looks good for themselves and what makes the place look good, but who can place themselves in many different positions behind or in front of the camera to produce a well-taken snapshot.

Novice Monk in Burma
Novice Monk in Burma

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