Top 6 Ways To Save Money For Traveling

avoid too much shopping

Top 6 Ways To Save Money For Traveling

Traveling is never cheap, so if you want to achieve your goal of seeing or going to your dream destination, the first thing you have to do is to start saving money. Lots of it. Because when you travel, there are instances that you have to spend certain amounts for glitches that you might encounter along the way. You have to be ready for the worst-case scenario even if you’ve just started planning the trip. To help you earn a certain amount you need to travel, here are some ways to help you save.

Create a travel budget
Create a travel budget

1. Create a budget

Spend a month or two to figure out how much money you need to pay for all your expenses and necessities and jot them down somewhere: in a notebook, an Excel spreadsheet, or another program as long as you can see where your money goes. After that take a look at all your expenses and take note of the amount you spent on things you don’t really need and start creating the budget for all your needs. Write down the important ones and forget about those extras you include in your groceries or allowance.

2. Stop Buying

Remember the note you’ve made? Always try to remember what’s written in there and stop thinking about the things that you don’t need. This “stop buying” thing sounds pretty simple but it takes a lot of effort and restraint to keep yourself from buying something that you want. For example the pretty dress you saw or that awesome shoe at the sports center, these things might help to make you look or feel better, but they’re NOT going to help you get to your dream destination.

Create a list
Create a list

3. Write a list and stick with it!

Scheduled to do some grocery shopping? Check your shelves and cupboards first to find out what’s missing from your stock. Make a list of everything that is missing and other things you need. When you reach the store, just get what’s written on your list and don’t touch the things that look attractive to you. Diane Harris, editor of Money Magazine wrote in one of her articles that “Research has shown that if you touch something, you feel psychological ownership, and you’re more likely to buy.” So keep your hands to yourself.

4. Limit entertainment

If there’s a movie that you want to watch, a new restaurant to try or a night out with friends, avoid spending too much or do not go out at all. Ask your friends for a potluck dinner or movie night at your place or theirs. Don’t be embarrassed on using those free meals or discount coupon that you get. Because using those means saving some amount, no matter how small it is.

Save Money
Save Money

5. Save your change

Set a monthly allowance and put the rest of your income into a savings account. Also, give yourself a daily allowance. Use the amount you need and save the change, no matter how small; put them in a jar or any other container. Do this everyday and you’ll see the progress after some time. If you can avoid spending at all, that would be better. Walk to the office or to school if you can. This extra effort not only helps you save money, it also makes you a little healthier. A little exercise wouldn’t hurt, right?

6. Find other means to earn some extra

You can look for a part-time job that you can fit into your schedule or sell the things that you don’t need. Looking for a source of extra income may be troublesome and it’s easier to spend less; but it can really help speed up the saving process and get you to your dream destination.

There you have it, the Six ways to save money for traveling. Keep in mind that saving money to reach a certain goal is never easy. It takes time, effort, determination and patience (lots of it), but once you get there, it’s gonna be WORTH IT. The fulfillment you get in achieving a goal and the knowledge you gain from experiencing the culture and way of living of the people in the place you’re going to visit will surely make your heart jump and cause a flutter of butterflies in your stomach. So, start saving to go to your dream destination.

avoid too much shopping
avoid too much shopping

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