How to Choose the Best Rental Car for Your Vacation Needs

Luxury Vehicles Rental

Expert Tips to get the most out of your next car rental

Rental cars are essential to make your vacation a fruitful one. Without having the ability to drive around, you will miss out on some great adventures and hidden treasures that your specific vacation spot has to offer. Perhaps even more important is picking the right size vehicle to suit your family’s needs.

While it is good to be as economical as possible, you don’t want to be stuck with a car that is too uncomfortable for your family to travel in.

On the flip side, you also don’t want to rent a car that you can’t drive easily. Before arriving at your destination, consider the best cheap car rental that will ultimately be comfortable enough for everyone on board.

Economy & Compact

Smaller cars are the way to go if you are on a small budget and are traveling with few people. Technically, both economy and compact cars are large enough to fit two adults up front and two children in the back.

Due to their size, economy cars usually come with two doors only. While a family of four can reasonably fit in a small car, this might not be the best selection for cross-country trips. Also, make sure that your car of choice can fit both your family and your luggage.

How to Choose the Best Car Rental Company
How to Choose the Best Car Rental Company

Midsize & Standard Size

Midsize and standard size cars are a step up because they are large enough to fit up to five adults while still being budget-friendly. These cars also have more luggage space for your traveling companions so no one has to leave anything behind.

How to Choose the Best Rental Car
How to Choose the Best Rental Car

Full-size Cars

Full-size cars are among some of the most popular car rental choices because of their sizes and prices. The typical full-size car is big enough to fit up to five adults and five pieces of luggage in the trunk. Also, the modern full-sized cars on the market are also decent on gas mileage compared with years past, and there is still plenty of legroom.

SUVs & Minivans

SUV Rental
SUV Rental

If you’re looking for a lot of extra space for your family and belongings, an SUV or a minivan may be the best choice. Minivans can hold up to eight people, and there is plenty of legroom for everyone. These vehicles are cheaper to rent than you think but be aware that they might not get as good of gas mileage as smaller cars because of their size. If you are traveling with a large group, a minivan or 15-passenger van may be the best choice.

Luxury Vehicles

Luxury Vehicles Rental
Luxury Vehicles Rental

Luxury cars are a great way to travel in style. If you are traveling to an important event and aim to impress, then this type of vehicle will be the perfect option. However, if the purpose of having a rental car is for you to safely and comfortably get to point A and point B on your vacation route, then the extra costs associated with luxury cars may not make sense. Budgeting your vacation is essential before choosing the best rental car.

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