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How to Join Uber to Find Cab Service Easily

What is Uber?

Now available for Metro Manila Cab riders, Uber is based in San Francisco, California, United States, Uber is simply described as a ridesharing service. The idea for Uber is simple: once installed as an application for a mobile device, passengers can use the application to connect to drivers of vehicles for hire wherein customers can request a ride and track the reserved vehicle’s location. It is a neat way of taking a cab without the added frustration of waiting for one to pass by with no guarantee. Providing a no-cash payment service, payments conducted via Uber is directly charged from your linked credit card account.

Uber Car Service now in Manila
Uber Car Service now in Manila

Said to be a start-up company with a huge ambition, Uber became the de facto company for cab services in the world. From San Francisco, Uber continues to expand beyond its originating city reaching as far as Europe’s for its services. To date, it caters for London, Paris, Milan, Munich, and even Metro Manila, among others.

Signing Up for Uber

  • Visit the Uber website
    • Just by going to its website, you will see an option to register for an account at the top-right corner of the screen. From there, there are two buttons to click to. The left one enables you to log into it if you already have an account. Otherwise, the right one enables you to register for an account.
  • Click the signup link
    • Just by clicking on the signup link, you are automatically referred to a page where you can fill up needed information common when registering for an account online. Take note, you would need a valid credit card as part of the registration process.

How to Join Uber in Manila
How to Join Uber in Manila

  • Read the Terms and Conditions
    • Having filled up the necessary information for the registration, you have the option to click to the terms and conditions. Although a commonly skipped part of every registration process online, you can read through Uber’s terms and conditions.
  • Click sign up
    • Everything you have done so far would be for nothing without clicking on the ‘sign up’ button which finalizes the overall registration process. Having done so, you now have a valid account with Uber.

Using Uber

  • Download the application
    • Not built-in initially as part of mobile devices, installing Uber would require manual download. Depending on your smartphone brand, you may either be downloading it on Google Play Store if you uses an Android unit, Apple App Store for iOS, BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry, and recently implemented on Windows Store for Windows smartphone. 
  • Sign in
    • Signing in first is a must for first-time users for the credentials. Once sync’d with the system, it can get automatic afterwards.
  • Choose your vehicle type
    • Depending on the city you are in, there are a variety of vehicle type to rent. It ranges from a black car, taxi, uberX, SUV, or LUX.
  • Mark your location
    • This is an important indicator for you to get pinpointed and get picked up by the vehicle service you rented.
  • Wait for your ride
    • Your ride will not instantly come to you at a click of a button. Realistically, you still have to wait. For guarantees, the Uber app will give you the driver’s phone number for you to contact. Note, cancelling your reservation after 5 minutes costs you $10 on the process.
  • Know the rates
    • Set at a base minimum fare for vehicle types other than taxi, Uber’s charging rate is also computer based on the combination of time and distance. Traveling at under 11 mph, charges you by the minute. Otherwise, you will be charged by the mile. However, this may vary on your location.

Written by Melo Villareal

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