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Go Digital Now with PLDT SME Nation

The world has entered a new era of what most would call “digital age”, wherein technological inventions—i.e., gadgets such as smartphones, the internet, and whatnot—have turned into necessities akin to the three basic: food, clothing, and shelter.

PLDT SME Small Business Month
PLDT SME Small Business Month

As such, businesses nowadays jump into the bandwagon of technological innovation and integrate digitization into their services as well. If you’re one of those small medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) in this age, you should know that if there’s anything you should do with your prospective business, it’s to go digital, and fast. You wouldn’t want to lag behind the others. And it’s reassuring to know that PLDT SME Nation extends its hand to all SMEs out there in dire need of digital innovations for their businesses.

The month of July is PLDT SME Nation’s declared Small Business Month, and offers SMEs and the like a chance to empower their small businesses and be at par with others in the growing digital world of businesses. The Empowering the Small Business! Caravan of PLDT SME Nation’s Small Business Month gave clients ideas on how to dominate the market through the application of some digital tricks and techniques.

Sell your food products online
Sell your food products online

“The way we do business today cuts across brick and mortar establishments and mobile and online platforms. Because of this our customers are more empowered in their respective markets.” PLDT Executive Vice President, and ePLDT President and CEO Eric Alberto said. “It’s an exciting albeit challenging world out there, and as the country’s leading enterprise technology services provider [PLDT], we have taken it upon us to ensure that the country’s small businesses are ready for this new age.”

Small businesses nowadays can be seen as relatively more flexible, as they are mobile. PLDT SME Nation believes that digital tools work best for these kinds of businesses, with the possibility of them turning into large-scale businesses in the future as well.

PLDT SME Nation also believes that small medium enterprises have the ability to be boosted by digital power, and with the world in the digital age, the wisest decision for you and your business is to go digital as well.

Start promoting your products online
Start promoting your products online

“There’s no way to go but digital. Customers are mobile and they go online to do just about everything—buy, read reviews, air their concerns, advocate a brand.” Kat Luna-Abelarde, PLDT First Vice President and Head of SME Business said, emphasizing the power of technology on the market and on businesses. “The real and virtual worlds are more converged, now more than ever. With the launch of Small Business Month, we want to be enablers by providing them [SMEs] with the relevant tools and services to thrive as they embrace the digital revolution.”

With the Small Business Month, PLDT SME Nation also awarded “the new generation of bossings” with the Bozz Awards, a digital-age counterpart of its MVP Bossing Awards.

So if you’re a small medium entrepreneur in this age, you should know that to dominate the marketplace, you should know your costumers: everyone else is going digital, so there’s only one way to boost your power as an SME, and that’s to go digital. Log on now to for more information.

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