A Step-by-Step Guide in Getting a TIN ID in the Philippines

Tips on How to Get TIN ID Card in the PH

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How to Get a TIN ID in the Philippines

As Filipino citizens, our social responsibility is to commit a portion of our earnings to the country’s growth. However, to be a tool for change, we must first obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN) from the local Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) branch.

How to get a TIN ID in the Philippines image via Facebook
How to get a TIN ID in the Philippines image via Facebook

Fret not; obtaining a TIN is simple and can be completed within a day. It’s also completely free. The procedures for obtaining your TIN ID are shown below.

What are the requirements for TIN ID?

If this is your first time registering as a taxpayer, you must have the following TIN ID requirements ready.

  • Accomplished BIR registration form (either 1902 or 1904)
  • One valid ID
  • PSA-issued birth certificate
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • 1×1 picture (if applicable)
  • Marriage contract (if applicable)

Where Can I Get a TIN ID?

It’s important to know that you can’t just go to some BIR branch to apply for a TIN ID.

In the Philippines, each taxpayer is assigned to a single Revenue District Office (RDO) responsible for their place of residence or service. You may pay taxes, upgrade records, and request or replace TIN IDs at your assigned RDO. This ensures you must get your TIN ID from your RDO.

Call the BIR Customer Assistance Division or send an email to contact [email protected] to verify your RDO.

How to Get a TIN ID for New Employee

The HR department is normally in charge of processing TIN ID applications for new workers. For newbie taxpayers, here are the measures to get your TIN ID.

  1. Complete BIR Form 1902 and email it to the HR department.
  2. The submission will be processed by HR. Simply wait a few days for your card to arrive.
  3. If your management asked you to process the TIN application on your own, go to the RDO where your business is registered and file the necessary documents. Your identification will be processed the next day.

How to Get TIN ID for Unemployed?

Executive Order No. 98 allows students and unemployed Filipinos above 18 to obtain a TIN ID. The TIN ID is now used to transact with other government offices under this EO.

For the unemployed and students, the TIN ID conditions are as follows:

  • Birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, Community Tax Certificate, or any other document or identification issued by an authorized government body
  • Passport (for non-resident aliens)
  • Marriage Contract (for married women)

If you’ve gathered these requirements, simply follow these instructions to obtain your TIN ID:

  • Fill out BIR Form 1904 and bring it to the RDO of the city where you live with your requirements (most importantly, your birth certificate).
  • Send the specifications to the appropriate people.
  • After your submission has been approved, you must wait for your TIN ID to be sent.

How to Get TIN ID for Existing Taxpayers

If you already have a TIN number and are paying taxes, you can simply order a TIN ID from your company’s RDO. Within one day, approved staff will check your taxpayer status and process your ID.

How to Replace Lost TIN ID

Don’t be worried if your TIN ID has been broken or destroyed. The BIR will provide you with a substitute card.

To replace a missing or destroyed TIN ID, simply ready the following requirements:

  • Accomplished BIR Form 1905 (Registration Information Update Form) and BIR Form 0605 (Payment Form)
  • For lost TIN ID: Notarized affidavit of loss
  • For damaged TIN ID: Old ID card and a photocopy
  • Marriage certificate and old TIN card (if applicable)

Steps to Replace Lost or Damaged TIN ID

Bring the specifications to your RDO until they’re done. The required forms can be downloaded or obtained from the RDO.

  1. Complete BIR Form 1905. Remember to mark the “Replacement of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Card” in Part II with an X.
  2. Put an X in the “Lost/Damaged” box under “Reason/Details.”
  3. Submit your completed BIR Form 1905 and other specifications to the Certificate of Registration (COR) Update window.
  4. Fill out BIR Form 0605 and send it to the Payment window for verification.
  5. Pay your RDO’s agent bank to replace or repair your stolen or broken card. The cost of a repair is normally between PHP 150 and PHP 300. Until paying the bill, request a BIR payment card. Your Form 0605 will be machine-verified at the bank.
  6. Return to the RDO and send your machine-verified Form 0605 and receipt to the COR Update window after payment.
  7. Watch for your new card to arrive in the mail.

If you want to change the details on your card, you can go through this phase. Simply fill out the BIR Form 1905 and mark the relevant explanation with an X if you wish to change a misspelling or amend your civil status.

Important Reminders

Check with your HR agent to see if you still have a TIN number before going down to your RDO. Applying for two TIN IDs is illegal, and a fine of PHP 1,000 is imposed for each TIN that is registered.

The BIR has also released an alert about web fraud involving fake TIN IDs. TIN IDs are not available for purchase and can only be obtained from the BIR.


How much is the TIN ID in the Philippines?

How Much Does TIN ID Cost? The application for TIN ID card is absolutely free. However, requesting a replacement of a lost/damaged TIN card will cost you Php 100.

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