Going Solo: Tips for Traveling Alone

Solo Backpacking Tips

Have you ever considered traveling and exploring the world on your own? Well, for those people who are used to traveling with their family or friends, they might consider this idea lame and extremely boring. But for those who already tried going on a single trip, they swear that the experience is absolutely sensible.

Traveling Solo - photo from stocksnap.io
Traveling Solo – photo from stocksnap.io

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Of course going on a trip without a travel companion has its perils, but with these tips for traveling alone, going solo will surely be your favorite past time.

Traveling alone can be a great time for you to discover the world as well as discover yourself too. Having this “me time” would definitely allow you to rediscover yourself and forget about the rest. Much like of a retreat, if you would like to put it that way.

Solo Backpacking photo from stocksnap.io
Solo Backpacking photo from stocksnap.io

However, traveling alone is not the safest thing to do especially for first timers who are not really used to traveling. Preparation is very important although it will be a bit different than going with a travel companion. If you are not a good map reader, you should already start learning the ABC’s of reading maps. You wouldn’t want to be lost in an unfamiliar place, right?

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Specify the Itinerary

One of the tips for traveling alone is to specify your itinerary. By this, you will have a clearer perspective on where you want to go and what you want to do. And since you are on your own, you can be totally selfish. You can try and enjoy things without having to worry about what others might have to say.

However, you have to inform your friends or your family of your itinerary. This is a very important tip for traveling alone since it will ensure your safety. Remember to leave information like airline ticket, hotel numbers and journey information with a friend or a family. Also keep together important files like your passport, visa, airline tickets and maps to avoid inconveniences in your trip.

Don’t Bring Expensive Items

Another tip for traveling alone is try not to bring expensive items or pricey jewelries. Wearing flashy and valuable accessories is so not cool when you are on your own. Chances are you might not enjoy your trip since you have to look after these expensive things. Just try to keep it simple and blend with the locals. You also don’t necessarily need to bring large amount of money. Small denominations would do as well as credit cards.


And the single most important tip for traveling alone is to enjoy. Learn different cultures, eat exotic foods, meet new people, and just make the most out of the experience. You do not always have this opportunity to explore the world on your own so better enjoy the moment while you are on it. Just be extra cautious and careful and you will surely find this experience a lot better than you expected it to be.

These tips for traveling alone are just basic guide for you when you are planning to go solo. Just make sure to allot enough time to make this solo trip possible. Do some research, ask for opinions, book ticket and just do it. In this trip, you are the captain and you can do whatever you wish to do.


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