A few frequent travelers and backpackers have already proven that it’s possible to travel to far flung vacation spots with little budget. But for most of us, it does take some serious dollars to enjoy some of our planned and most awaited vacation. But why spend more when there are steps you can take that could significantly cut your travel expenses?

Here are ways you can save on your travel plans:

Do not be shy about being an early bird.
There are plenty of deals that you can avail if you’re proactive enough. Airlines, shipping companies and travel agents are more than happy to give you a nice discount if you call them up and book your trip in advance.

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You’ll usually find these deals on the companies’ websites or you could get in touch with your travel agent and ask what types of schemes are available to help you save money on your travel plans.

If you’re traveling abroad, booking in advance will also mean great savings for you. Most airlines begin offering cheap seats four to six months ahead, so there’s no need to wait long.

Many hotels also offer this money-saving scheme. The earlier you book your stay, the bigger your discount.

Purchase tickets during a promo period.
Another great way to save money on travel is to book your trip during a promotional period. Airlines offer this type of discount to travelers who are willing to take advantage of cheaper flights during a specific period of time. Simply pick your schedule, pay for the tickets and head to the airport when the date of your trip arrives.

If you go this route, prepare to be flexible. The cheap prices are only good during the promo period, so make sure you’re available.

Stay away from peak seasons.
Certain destinations raise their prices during peak periods. You can avoid paying a higher price if you travel before or after.

Don’t be afraid to comparison shop.
There are a dozen or so websites that allow you to monitor ticket prices. If you’ll be traveling soon, you might want to compare ticket prices side-by-side and save money in the process.

Sign up for memberships or alerts.
Some airlines and hotels send out alerts if you sign up for their newsletter. You can use these alerts to keep track of cheaper offerings.

Got multiple destinations? Consider driving.
If you’ll be traveling to several places that are near each other, why not drive? If you have the time, the inclination and the interest, this could also be a good way to save money on your travel plans.




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