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Glorious Galicia

Galicia Spain

Guest Post by : Anthony Bugler

For any holiday-goer looking to enjoy a roasting Mediterranean climate and have some fun in the incandescent Spanish sun, the picturesque province of Galicia is rife with a delectable plethora of sun-kissed beaches on which even the pastiest of visitors couldn’t fail to gain a tan to die for.

Camino de Santiago Galicia
Camino de Santiago Galicia

Located in the North-West of Spain, the resplendent region basks in a seemingly perpetual glow of sunshine and warmth, and is the perfect haunt for any chronic beach holiday addict. Renowned for its spectacular scenery and lavish natural vibrancy, it differs from many of Spain’s southern resorts in its offering of a more environmentally lush dimension to its visitors.

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Pilgrims in Galicia
Pilgrims in Galicia

With a number of majestic mountain ranges to explore, including O Xistral, the Serra Dos Ancares, O Courel and O Eixo, Galicia is home to many peaks for climbers to conquer and walkers and sightseers to discover. Meanwhile, the coastline of Galicia is riddled with various bays and inlets, which are known locally as rias, and provide further scope for intrepid exploration and discovery.

Meanwhile, Galicia’s diverse local environment is also home to an abundance of rivers, to such an extent that it renowned for them, often being dubbed ‘the land of a thousand rivers’. It also boasts an array of serene, sandy beaches to relax on, many of which are quiet and undisturbed by rabbles of tourists that disrupt many naturally picturesque resorts.

Camino de Santiago in Galicia Spain
Camino de Santiago in Galicia Spain

Galicia also sets itself apart from the rest of Spain in its mouth-watering gastronomy. While much of Spain’s cuisine focuses on pasta and rice, potatoes tend to be the side dish to most fish and meat dishes. Galician cuisine also has a large focus on seafood due to its copious production of fish, crustaceans and shellfish. Being the largest producer of such foods out of all the regions in Spain, it is a generous provider of lusciously fresh and locally caught seafood. Meanwhile, the region also produces a number of wines, many of which are of an internationally lauded standard.

Many towns in Galicia boast an assortment of clubs and bars to enjoy on a night out, meaning that nightlife is exhilarating and plentiful in the province. For example, Santiago de Compostela is rife with options for clubbing and bars.

Beach in Galicia
Beach in Galicia

All in all, Galicia is a naturally picturesque province with flourishing scenery and beautiful beaches. Visitors will not be disappointed by the range of things to do and sights to see in the glorious Galicia.

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