Singapore Airlines’ New Cabin is All About Luxury and Comfort

Singapore Airlines Unveiled Its New A380 Design

Most of us will pay more just to experience comfort and luxury in a hotel room or Airbnb. But who would think that you can also experience the same hotel service that you want, but this time, it’s 39,000 feet in the air?

Luxury and Comfort

Last Thursday, Singapore Airlines (SIA) unveiled their new cabins for their Airbus A380 fleet.

Compared to their jumbo jets which were used since 2007, the new A380 is a major interior overhaul.

After four years of continuous development and with $850 million budget, the results of the overhaul is very impressive.

If the first class suites are already drawing your attention, wait until you see this new cabin.

The new first-class cabin features state of the art technology. From its 12 suites, it is now down to six. This move is branded by SIA as a sense of exclusivity and intimate privacy.

Singapore Airlines Unveiled Its New A380 Design
[Image Credit: Sam Chui/Youtube]
Each of their first class suites is equipped with an automated swivel chair. This is already an extension of your hotel room as it also includes a wardrobe, 32” HD television, and a separate full-flat bed.

Singapore Airlines' New Cabin is All About Luxury and Comfort
[Image Credit: Sam Chui/Youtube]
If you are traveling with a loved one, two suites can be combined. The full-flat bed can immediately turn into a double bed for you and your partner to share.

Each of the beds is 6’3” long and are 2’2” wide. Perfect when enjoying sipping a glass of champagne while enjoying your favorite movies in the sky.

Singapore Airlines New A380 Design
[Image Credit: Sam Chui/Youtube]
Singapore Airline
[Image Credit: Sam Chui/Youtube]
Of course, a luxurious hotel is not complete without a comfortable bathroom, right? Those who are booked in the first class can also use their own lavatories. Although it does not come with shower facilities, you can still prep before landing since you can have a sit-down vanity counter to freshen up.

Enjoy a Touch of Class With the Business Class

Those who are in the business class will not be disappointed either. The seats in this section are 6’5” long for your comfort. Seats can be reclined to a full-flat position with just one touch, and the dividers can be lowered down to form a double bed.

Singapore Airlines A380 Design
[Image Source: Mashable]
The first class and business class suites are on the upper deck while the lower deck is reserved for premium and premium economy ticket holders.

Premium Economy and Economy Does Not Disappoint

Purchasing a premium economy is also worth the price. Each chair is reclinable up to eight inches back. They also come with a calf-rest and foot bar for you to stretch out in long flights.

Each seat also comes with a contactless credit card reader that passengers can use soon. This means you can have more control on your in-flight entertainment while reaching your destination. Plus, those in the economy can enjoy free-flowing alcohol, too.

Singapore Airlines
[Image Credit: Singapore Airlines Website]
During the launch, SIA CEO Goh Choon Phong said, “If you look at our suites, it’s not just visually [attractive], but you find the usability aspect is even more important, and that is the part that takes a lot more thinking and work.”

Passengers can travel from Singapore to Sydney starting December 18 with the new Singapore Airlines A380. SIA is yet to announce which are the next countries to be included with the A380 service. The list and the pricing details will be announced by the airline later.

“Pricing is a matter of demand and supply; it will [depend on] what the market demand is,” the CEO continued.

The new Singapore Airlines A380s can accompany 471 seats: 6 in the first class suites, 78 in the business class, 44 in premium economy, and 343 in the economy class.

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