First Virtual Party Graces Dinagyang, Through Smart’s Partnership With Facebook Live

Smart hosts Dinagyang Festival 2016 ‘virtual party’ in the country’s first Facebook Live video

Dinagyang has always been a fun festival over the years, but this year, the enjoyment is taken into a whole new level with Smart hosting the country’s first ever virtual party using Facebook Live.

Facebook Live at Dinagyang Festival 2016
Facebook Live at Dinagyang Festival 2016

Facebook live is among the latest feature of the world’s most famous social networking site. This feature allows live video streaming that promotes real-time engagement among the followers of the person who is streaming the video. This feature debuted last August and was first used by US celebrities. It was then opened to public figures, news sites, and as well as facebook ad agency. There are also other fortunate users who got to sample the new add on.

Last January 22, people who attended the dance music celebration of the Dinagyang Festival were able to witness a 20-minute segment of the Love Dance. It was witnessed by all the followers of Smart’s official Facebook page after they clicked the notification about the virtual party. The party featured Smart ambassadors DJ Ace Ramos and MC Pao. Everyone who saw the live streaming from Facebook Live was all amazed by how they were able to join in the party even when they were at the comforts of their houses.

Another event was also broadcasted by Smart the next day. That event featured Smart Ambassador Inno Naguit. The event was called the Dinagyang Invasion, like the Love Dance, it was also another major electronic dance music celebration. People were all hyped about this live streaming again. The event received such warm appreciation from the crowd in the Dinagyang Festival and the people who were able to watch it through their favorite gadgets.

The videos were shared and Liked by almost a thousand of Smart’s followers.

Dinagyang Festival by Maxi Adrian San Agustin via Flickr
Dinagyang Festival by Maxi Adrian San Agustin via Flickr

Kathy Carag, Smart Communication’s Brand Head said that “Smart has always been at the forefront of mobile innovations in the country, and we are very honored and thrilled to be the first brand to launch Facebook Live in the Philippines, which promises another awesome Smart Life experience for Facebook users,”

She further extended that “this new feature not only stretches the capabilities of Facebook, but also opens great possibilities for us to enrich the mobile lifestyle of our subscribers, who can now tune in to witness significant events and share the experience with others in real time – all with just a few taps on their smartphone,”

Innovations after innovations

Smart’s keeps on aiming to provide its Filipino customers with the hippest innovations that they could afford. This Facebook Live feature will only be one of the many other innovations that will wow the crowd, keep everyone connected 24/7. It’s also one great way to helping Filipino’s keep up with the ever changing digital lifestyle of the world.

Among the latest innovations offered by Smart are the ‘Shared Data’ scheme, Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (eMBMS) and the LTE connection. Smart also offers the country’s leading and fastest, reliable broadband services with its extensive fiber optic footprint that spans over 100,000 kilometers.

Written by Melo Villareal

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