Explore the Amazing Beauty of Pink Sand Beaches in the Philippines 

Tikling Beach

Pink Sand Beaches in the Philippines

When you hear of pink beaches, what destinations first come to your mind? You’d probably be thinking of beaches somewhere in Maldives or Bahamas. But did you not know that aside from the pure white sand beaches here in the Philippines, you could also get a first-hand experience of going to a pink sand beach?

Great Santa Cruz Island 
Great Santa Cruz Island By Wowzamboangacity – MGM, CC BY 3.0

The Philippines is gifted with beautiful and picturesque destinations. It is also a home to different beaches that are very popular around the world. Some of these have become well-known because they offer a different color of sand. Since most of these places are still waiting to be explored by quite a few travel enthusiasts across the globe, wouldn’t it be nice if you will be the first one to be the first one to explore them?

Here are five pink beaches that beach bums and travel enthusiasts should add on their bucket list:

The Great Santa Cruz Island

Pink Sand Beach in Zamboanga City
Pink Sand Beach in Zamboanga City By Wowzamboangacity – MGM, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12627161

Great Santa Cruz Island is among the uncommon beaches in the Philippines. It touts the stunning pink sand beach, which is surrounded by crystal clear waters. At first sight, you would see that the color of the sand bears similarity with the color of a cherry blossom. The pink sand beach of the place is in fact a coloration effect from a crushed Red Organ-pipe Coral that is fused with the white sand.

Pink Beach of Sila Island

Sila Island Pink Sand Beaches
Sila Island Pink Beach by Enrique Manly Pink Sand Beaches

Considered as one of the prettiest beaches in the Philippines, Sila Island also boasts its pink sand beach to local and foreign tourists. It can be found along the cost of Northern Samar. Its pink and powdery sand beach is surrounded by sparkling emerald green and turquoise waters. The unique color of the sand is a result of pulverized red-colored corals and red-shelled creatures, called foraminifera, mixed with the white sand. These fragments are washed ashore during the so-called southwest monsoon season.

Subic Beach

Found in Matnog and divided into two segments, Subic Laki (Subic Big Beach) and Subic Liit (Subic Small Beach), Subic beach should definitely be in your bucket list of places to go to. It has a fine, pinkish-colored sand that is surrounded with clear-blue waters. On a closer look, you’d see that the creamy white sand by the beach is mixed with crushed deep red colored corals, giving it a pinkish hue.

Tikling Island

Tikling Beach
Tikling Beach

Yet another beach found in Matnog, Sorsogon, Tikling Island also has a hidden gem of pink sand beach that you’d need to explore. It is considered as one of Philippines’ most magnificent beaches. Though it is mostly rainy in this part of the country, you’d never miss the scenic look of pink beach and green trees surrounding the island. Just like the sands in Subic Beach, you’d see that the light pink color of the sand is due to a mixture of white sand and pulverized pink corals by the shore.

Pundaguitan Beach

Pundaguitan Pink Beach photo via SkyScrapercity.com
Pundaguitan Pink Beach photo via SkyScrapercity.com

Pundaguitan Beach can be found in Davao Oriental. It has a stunning stretch of pink sand, surrounded by green coconut trees. It is also known as the Parola Beach since it is located near the Parola Lighthouses. Pundaguitan’s pink sand coloration is an effect of the Red Organ-pipe coral sediments that are mixed with its original white sand.

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