Wonderful Indonesia: Pink Beach in Komodo National Park

Leaving behind the slightly fearful yet equally remarkable Komodo dragons, we sped off to the next gem to be found in the Komodo National Park – the Pink Beach.

Boat Ride to the Pink Beach in Komodo
Boat Ride to the Pink Beach in Komodo

Just a 30 minute boat ride and we were off to an island that has been aptly named for its find stretch of soft sand embedded with a hue of magical pink.

Rocky cliffs are beautifully scattered on the island, and its cerulean waters boast of its corals and other marine life that are well worth viewing underwater.

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bird's-eye view of the pink beach
bird’s-eye view of the pink beach Photo by iwwm

Indonesia’s Pink Beach is one of the seven pink beaches on earth and it gets its striking color from microscopic animals called Foraminifera, which produces a red pigment on the coral reefs. Interestingly, the locals actually call this the Red Beach.

When the tiny fragments of red coral combine with the white sands, this produces the soft pink color that is visible along the shoreline. This tint can be seen both up close and even from a bird’s eye view several meters up in the air.

Long stretch of Pink Beach in Indonesia
Long stretch of Pink Beach in Indonesia

Along with 40++ other adventure souls for the Trip of Wonders (a media familiarization trip around Indonesia organized by their Ministry of Tourism), we were lucky enough to have the entire island all to ourselves for a good 3 hours or so before some other travelers finally arrived. Even then, the entire island is so remote and so beautifully preserved that no other establishments were set on the island except for a small covered roof that was just enough a space for our awesome crew from Trip of Wonders to grill and set out our lunch in between our snorkeling sessions.

Pink Sand and Blue Waters
Pink Sand and Blue Waters

Talking about snorkeling, the spots near the coastline are just vibrant! Its shallow areas will already provide a good array of underwater elements for non-swimmers to marvel at.

underwater paradise
underwater paradise
underwater playground
underwater playground Photo by Sheila Gomez

Visiting this place on a good weather provides great lighting and visibility that you to what is can easily be deemed as an ocean paradise. That said, be sure that you have your Go Pro and other underwater camera equipment with you for the most obvious reasons! Despite the fact that there are other beaches in the world that is hailed as the “pink beach”, this is, without a doubt, a spot for you not to miss when visiting the country.




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