Cheap Hostels in Boracay Island

Cheap Hostels in Boracay

Okay, so you’re going to Boracay and you want to stay somewhere that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. You want to have a good time and meet other travelers from all over the world. You want to focus more on the amazing beaches than on the deluxe hotel room. No problem. The answer for you is as close as a cheap hostel and in Boracay there are plenty of them.

frendz hostel boracay
Frendz Resort in Boracay

Just a couple minutes from White Beach you will find the Ocean Breeze Inn Hostel which has a great staff and the low price of around 360 php per night.

Or nearby is the Frendz Resort Boracay Hostel which has a great bar to meet new friends in and where you can stay for 540 php and you can stay in a private room. The Hotel Villa Sunset is just a little bit more but offers you the chance to have a little more luxury in your private room.

Melindas Garden Boracay
Melindas Garden Boracay

Of course, part of the fun of staying in hostels is staying in the dorms where you get to meet new friends and find out the best places to travel and visit next. That’s one of the reasons why travelers love Melinda’s Garden Hostel which has nipa huts and a great common area.

boracay cottages
Trafalgar Cottages Boracay

One downside is the cold showers, but come on, you’re in Boracay. the water in the sea is warm enough. A place that just about everyone agrees is always a pleasure to stay at is Trafalgar Cottages Hostel. This hostel makes an extra effort ot keep things very tidy and is right in the center of the town and still just three minutes from White Beach. You can relax in your hammock as you talk about the day’s adventures with new friends for as little as 40 pesos!

Cheap Hostels in Boracay Island
Cheap Hostels in Boracay Island

One thing to look for in a hostel on Boracay is a hammock. You don’t want to miss out on the joy of lying under a coconut palm and watching the breeze play through the fronds.

Everyone I’ve spoken with tells me that the Casa Camilla Hostel has the best hammocks of them all. You have to pay for the joy but in fact, there is a problem. Once you are lying in that hammock, you might just decide to skip seeing the rest of beautiful Boracay and that would be a true tragedy.

So, book a hostel, but don’t miss seeing the rest of Boracay!

  1. cheap flights philippines says

    I agree on Casa Camilla, they really have the best hammocks in Boracay! We are planning to go there for an event probably by April, I am sure to check in with Casa Camilla by then.

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    Wow, this will help me alot…

    Thanks for sharing… 🙂

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