Drum Tao – The Art of Drum 2012 hits Manila

Drum Tao, the renowned Japanese drum art show is all set to come to Manila for the first time and will be performing 10 shows from July 12th till July 22nd 2012. The event will be held at Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila and is expected to attract many audiences.
Drum Tao Manila
Drum Tao Show in Manila

Drum Tao is a very successful group that has many successful world tours to their credit. Their performance was a number one box office smash hit in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Drum Tao is considered to be Japan’s most celebrated as well as elite company of the Martial Drummers.

Drum Tao Manila Philippines
The Power of Japanese Drums in Manila

Drum Tao is all set to come to Manila and showcase the audiences with their unique combination of ancient as well as modern artistry. Their performance has so far attracted over 5 million people and has gained reputation world-wide. The team displays a unique blend of ancient Taiko Drumming and martial arts mystery.

Drum Tao Youtube Video

They have the latest generation choreographed production displaying contemporary Japanese excellence. Drum Tao performance will rock Manila for sure. People can experience a unique show and experience something which they have never seen before. Drum Tao will be performing their ten extra-ordinary shows to entertain Filipino and Foreign Guest who will be visiting Manila just to watch the show.

Visitors who will watch the event will be able to see a electrifying mix of dance and martial arts in addition to the beating of the Wadaiko drums by the Japanese performers. Drum Tao has now grown more as a world-class entertainment show and the appreciation should mainly go for the innovative and contemporary Japanese production which has so far thrilled audiences with their truly amazing presentation followed by their reputation of being a truly unique show.

japanese drums show manila
Drum Tao Performing in Manila

The performers will be dressed in a flowing red with black robes which itself is a clear indication of the blend of the martial arts as well as the mesmerising music. Audiences will be also thrilled to see the evening filled with full of rhythms, beats and melody. The powerful beat of the Japanese drum also conveys a musical message that everyone can feel on their hearts while watching the show.

The event in Manila is definitely going to provide the visitors with a powerful show that will witness the intensive physical as well as energising Taiko drumming followed by the softer voices of the Japanese flute as well as horizontal harp. Those who will watch the event in Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila is sure to be taken to another world with their truly unique as well as stunning performances.

Thus Drum Tao has all it takes for being a truly unique art form which is absolutely modern at the same time also maintain a sense of nostalgia which makes us feel that we are in a totally new atmosphere. Drum Tao will also have a special screening in Cebu on September 1, 2012 in Waterfront Hotel Cebu with 3pm & 8pm screening. The tickets can be booked from TicketWorld. They offer early bird discount of 15% which will only be available until June 8, 2012 and if you want to avail of the discounts, Just Click this link:)

  1. David Brayton says

    Awesome youtube video. I have not heard of this performance before, but after the short clip I’m more than interested in seeing them perform. Is this performance going to be in the states anytime in the future, as I would love to see this show? If not I’ll have to make some excuse to visit Manila this summer.

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