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Travel Gadget : The Red Mutewatch Review

MW1-1003 Red Touchscreen Red Mutewatch is a very attractive and unique watch that makes use of a high quality red rubber finish strap which gives it a cute look. The watch is touch screen responsive in nature which means that the watch is functional with just a touch of your finger tip. Once the user touches the dial of the watch, you can see the beautiful LED Display getting unveiled. This feature makes it one of the coolest touch screen watches available on the international market.

electronic led watch
Mutewatch Red

For accessing the alarm as well as timer, users will have to swipe across the dial. This swiping as well as touchscreen functionality is what makes this watch unique from others. The name Mutewatch is mainly given taking in to context that the watch alarm will only vibrate instead of making any noises as the usual alarms does. The watch also has a pretty good battery life that can extend anywhere from one to three weeks depending on your usage. But there is no need for any worry since users will be able to recharge it very easily by means of using a USB Port.

red led watch
Mute Watch Red Version

This Red Mutewatch is designed in such a way that it automatically enters in to the hibernation mode when the battery becomes too low. During this time when users notice that their watch has gone in to the hibernation mode, they will have to reactivate the red Mutewatch from the hibernation mode by plugging it in to a USB port.

red led watch
Poppy Red Mute Watch

This cute looking Red Mutewatch can be used along with a bracelet minimum size of 14cm and it can be expanded at a maximum size of 18.5 cm. This Mutewatch also arrives with a one year warranty from the manufacturer which means that users can have the product get repaired if there is any sort of the manufacturing defects or any features are non-functional.

red youth watch
My Favorite Red Mutewatch

Red Mutewatch also makes use of a built-in motion sensor which means that it will be able to register the movements of the users and can automatically adjust the strength of the vibrations accordingly.

red Trendy Watch
Trendy Watch

Even though at a glance, you will feel that it is simply a red watch, you will be surprised to have a cooler LED display by means of tapping it with your finger tips. Thus this cute looking watch will assist you in keeping updated with time no matter you are sleeping or giving a presentation.

Red Stylish Watch
Red Stylish Watch

Mutewatch is a company which is known for its fashion friendly touch screen watches. It is one of the latest brands that have been launched in the UK market and have been successful with their touchscreen watches ever since then. The manufacturer is known for combining the latest touch screen technology with that of the colourful as well as attractive rubber straps.

Red Mutewatch is already set to attract the buyers with its colour as well as advanced functionalities such as touch screen LED display, recharging through USB port as vibrating alarm and timer and that too without any sound. This cute looking Red Mutewatch is available for purchase at a price tag of Php12,950 at Digital Walker Trinoma, Virra Mall, Eastwood and Alabang Town Center.

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