Do Black Roses Actually Exist In Turkey?

The Truth About Halfeti Black Roses

Black Roses in Halfeti, Turkey

The Story of The Hoax Black Roses

Halfeti, Turkey — Fake News is such a common thing now in the internet world that it’s also happening in the travel world. Often times there are articles that aren’t true and often misleading. This is the reason why travel writers thoroughly check their stories so it’s reliable enough to share with the public.

One seemingly promising story is that of black roses which apparently only grow in a village in Southeastern Turkey. However, you’ll find out sooner that these roses simply don’t exist. If you’re a travel or plant enthusiast and you didn’t fact check this story and you went on your way to Halfeti, Turkey to check these black roses, the sad story is that you won’t see any.

“Black Roses”, Famous On The Internet

These black roses from Halfeti became famous through social media. One of the first blog posts you’ll see is from a rather reliable Australian florist’s blog Teleflora. It mentioned the black roses in a non-exaggerated way although it was published on April 1.

Black Roses in Halfeti, Turkey
Black Roses in Halfeti, Turkey

While you’ll be quick to believe that there are black roses in Halfeti, you’ll also see black and white photos of these roses which will make you ask where the colored ones are?

Halfeti Behind The Hoax?

There were speculations from readers that this was a marketing scheme from the local tourism of the place but this isn’t true since the story has been published from an unclear Japanese website almost 10 years ago although Halfeti isn’t exactly that appealing to tourists.

Getting to Know Halfeti

Halfeti is a sunken town and isn’t a popular tourist destination since it became a victim of the Turkish government when it controlled the Euphrates River from agricultural and energy procedures.

The town got a transformation through new buildings and reconstructions of old landmarks. The “old’ Halfeti is only half-submerged so visitors can tour some of the sights in the old town. The ancient Rumkale Fortress is reachable by boat.

Rare Black Rose in Turkey
Rare Black Rose in Turkey

You can go to Halfeti via Sanliurfa Airport which has daily flights from Istanbul and Ankara. There aren’t any public transports from Sanliurfa to Halfeti so you must hire a driver or rent a car.

It can be quite an expensive trip since there will be no black roses to see.

Will you still go if you have the chance?

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