Delsey : A Journey in French Style

France: Where style is a tradition of innovation, a mixture of the sophisticated and the practical, unique and with a language all of its own. Take a journey into French style with Delsey, the brand with a tradition of innovation since 1946.

Robust, lightweight and imaginatively designed to meet the needs of the individual traveler, Delsey’s new series are at the forefront of French style and world-class technology.

New series include:  Helium Fusion Lite 2.0 – Launched January 2010
Intelligence in style, drawing inspiration from aerospace design, the Delsey Helium Fusion Lite 2.0 provides a practical and innovative solution for the traveler for whom baggage weight is important. Both the 25” and the 29” upright trolleys are fitted with an integral Over-Weight Indicator (Patent Pending) to help avoid excess baggage charges.

Helium SuperLite – Launched May 2010
Innovation in style, Helium SuperLite provides a feather-weight, elegant solution for the traveler who needs to travel with clothes for every situation.

Karat – Launches September 2010
Karat is for the traveler who actively seeks out the distinctive and the exclusive. Karat provides a contemporary and idiosyncratic design aesthetic for those who don’t just want to look individual but genuinely are individual.

CrossTrip – Launches September 2010
CrossTrip marries an outdoor look with downtown life. A sophisticated and sleek, red and black design allows the spirit of adventure into an urban world and makes the robustness and practicality of the CrossTrip series self-evident.

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