Corfu – Greek Beauty And Magic

Corfu is really one of the most beautiful Greek islands and its fantastic nature and coastline make it attractive and popular place for unforgettable all inclusive holidays. The terrain of the island is extremely varied and you will have a lot of opportunities for pleasant activities on the beach and relaxing walks among the charming greenery. The climate is mild Mediterranean and the tourist season begins in early May and continues until the end of September. There are both rocky shores and numerous large and small beaches. Simply – the perfect place for summer holidays.

corfu island greece
One of the Beaches on Corfu, Greece

Almost the entire island is covered with olive groves, lemon trees, cedars and dark green cypresses towering among them. The emerald blue water completes the incredible landscape. There are also several mountains and if you manage to climb to their peaks the view from there is simply breathtaking. You will see green forests sloping gently to the sea and scattered small and large villages, views that will remain in your mind forever. For all nature lovers there are also several lakes where can be seen some really rare birds.

There are many ways to see the beauty of the island. You can use a buggy, motorcycle, bicycle and even yacht. Around the lovely beaches are scattered hundreds of hotels offering all the features of the modern tourism. Usually they are not high and they are situated in quiet locations with pleasant gardens with palm trees. The sense of remoteness from the civilization is very nice but you are still a few minutes away from many traditional cafes, restaurants, shops, art galleries and restaurants. Some of the best authentic souvenirs here are the beautiful painted terracotta ceramics.

The capital of Corfu is exceptionally beautiful town on the coast where you can see many castles, parks and attractions. A pleasant walk in the romantic old town with its narrow streets and houses in Mediterranean and Italian style will make your relaxed for sure. There’s even a playground for cricket from the time of British occupation. In fact, the island was ruled by almost all major empires in the European history, which gives it a peculiar style and way of life, different from the rest of Greece.

Corfu is delightful mix of beautiful and preserved nature, clean and warm blue water, sandy beaches and rocks, peace and quiet, lively cafes and restaurants, and amazing nightlife. It is perfect place for great summer family or bachelor vacation. The opportunities for fun and relax that you will have are simply countless.

Just search around the net or go to your local travel agency and you will find great deals that include many luxury services for really cheap price. Due to the economic crisis the prices in whole Greece are lowered now, so take advantage and enjoy your dreamed holiday for less.

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