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Coloud Headphones : The New Affordable and Stylish Headphones


Are you looking for a stylish and affordable headphones that you can use on your next long roadtrip? Coloud Headphones are robust head pieces crafted from minimal parts by following a mechanical construction model. The headphones are designed to withstand pressures of everyday music listening. The headphones integrate useful features such as Tangle-free system. The headphones also comply with environment standards and are PVC free.

The Boom from Coloud
The Boom from Coloud

Coloud headphones range includes;

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  • The Boom
  • The Knock
  • The Pop

The Boom Headphones
The Boom

One of the key features of ‘The Boom’ range of headphones is its closed circuit sound characteristics. It means that the device is designed to prevent external sounds from affecting the music listening experience. The minimal parts used in its construction ensure that the device is lightweight and is comfortable to wear.

Pressures associated with the regular listening of music are controlled with the help of the sturdy frame included in the headphone. The flat cable ensures tangle free handling of the headphone. It also has a block feature designed to give multiple shades for the headphone.

The Knock by Coloud
The Knock by Coloud

The headphones are ergonomically designed for providing users with the utmost comfort while wearing it across their head. It has a 3 click microphone system which allows users to forward and rewind the music for listening to a specific portion of the track. The flat cable is comprised of a microphone and remote with which users can answer the incoming calls.

The Knock
The Knock

The Boom Coloud headphones are also comprised of a pliable angled plug which is designed to bend close to 180 degrees, giving protection against any kind of breakage arriving at the connection point.

The Knock

The Knock range of Coloud headphones are known for its weightless quality. It is designed as an ultra light weight headphone. The headphones are capable of delivering sound at high quality. Similar to The Boom range of headphones, the Knock headphones also has a remote and microphone embedded in to the cable. This allows users to attend the incoming calls even while on the move. There are also options for play and pause which is implemented by a one click method. Two click methods will result in moving to the ‘next’ option or ‘Forward’ option.

The Pop by Coloud
The Pop by Coloud

Realistic sound with deeper bass effects will be evident while using this headphone. Users can be assured of tangle-free experience with the combination of patent pending Zound Lasso and flat cable. The presence of pliable angled plug ensures that the cable is held in place even when it is not in use.

The Pop
The Pop

The Pop range of Coloud headphones is designed as a highly durable headphone. It is an easily portable device capable of giving direct sound and good bass effects. Users can give detailed attention to the music listening as audio pollution is eliminated to a great extent by these headphones. The ear buds are angled in design so as to give better fit for users. There are especially three replacement caps users can choose from in sizes of small, medium and large.

Similar to the previous versions, this one also is available in various multi-coloured shades. Users can choose the one of their choice. Other key features include the presence of three dimensional ergonomics and a tangle-free cable. Quick answering of calls is also possible with this pair of headphones.

Did I say affordable? You can get Boom for only P1850, Knock – P1450 and Pop for only 950 Pesos.

You can get your preferred style and color at the following Coloud Resellers: Astrovision, Automatic, Center, Avant, Beyond The Box, Bratpack, Buzz, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Electroworld, iCenter, iGig, iStore, iStudio, Mobile 1, Power Hub, Technoholics and Urbanathletics.




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