Chef Martin Yan, Culinary Icon leads Asian Food Channel (AFC) Kickoff on 2017

Chef Martin Yan for Asian Food Chanel

Chef Martin Yan, Culinary Icon leads Asian Food Channel (AFC) Kickoff on 2017

Asian households will have something to look forward this coming year as Chef Martin Yan will be returning in Asian Food Channel (AFC) this January. Once again, he will be sharing his two decades’ worth of knowledge and tricks as a kitchen insider. Viewers will gain more culinary information, as well as download recipes from each episode after the show premieres at

Chef Martin Yan
Chef Martin Yan

Entitled Asian Favorites with Martin Yan, the show is presented by Panasonic and co-sponsored by Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea. It is showing on Thursday, January 5, at 9.00 pm on Asian Food Channel. It will be seen on the following channels: (1) Cignal Channel 62, (2) Destiny Cable Channel 71 (Analog), (3) Channel 22 (Digital), (4) Dream Satellite TV Channel 27, (5) Sky Cable Channel 22 (Analog) and (6) Channel 248 (HD).

Chef Martin Yan is truly a master in the kitchen as he has trekked all over Asia, encountering master chefs, analyzing home-cooks and interviewing locals from every stature of life. He is inspired by their stories as he learned their family recipes. The show will feature an 8-episode series highlighting over 30 dishes. These are personally influenced by Chef Yan’s 20 years’ experience and extensive travels. He brings out the distinct local flavors from 6 major cities – Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, Singapore.

Chef Yan stated that he has been hosting food shows for almost four decades and he loved it. He is strong advocate and follower of Asian cuisine. His mission in life is to replicate and simplify the recipes so others can follow. He is happy that this show allows him to showcase simple food preparation, as well as produce variations.

Get ready for a kitchen exploration with Chef Martin Yan’s home-cooked dishes that include your favorite: Noodle Soup from Fish Head, Prawns Good Fortune to Chicken, and Eggplant Green Curry. In every episode, a special theme is chosen with the proper selection of dishes. He wants to bring out the strong flavors and cooking methods from every city. Among his guests will be Malaysian Chef Datuk Fazley Yaakob and Vietnam Chef Hoang Minh Nhat. The trio will collaborate and share their special ingredients and techniques.

Chef Martin Yan for Asian Food Chanel
Chef Martin Yan for Asian Food Channel

Here’s what you can look forward to cooking with Chef Yan, this January 2017! Chef Yan will expound about curries and grills.

About Asian Food Channel

Asian Food Channel (AFC) is the channel that presents leading food-focused programs by presenting the unique culinary flavors in Asia including international flavor. AFC viewers are entertained with a wide variety of local and foreign content touching the reality, people’s lifestyle and interesting travelogue formats. It celebrates the wealth of history and a true-to-life story behind the most beloved Asian cuisines.

The channel is found in 10 Asia Pacific countries. It has surpassed 2 million likes on FB and the number is growing.  AFC is a part of interactive Scripps Network. For more information and news, visit or go to Facebook page

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