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Cebu Guitars – More than just a Cebu Souvenir

Cebu Guitars

Learning how to play guitar is one of my greatest frustration. I bought a guitar from Cebu a couple of years ago for me to be more inspired to take guitar lessons. Sad to say, I still don’t know how to play guitar till now.

Cebu Guitars
Cebu Guitars

When we visited Cebu to cover Pasigarbo sa Sugbo Festival a couple of weeks ago, I suggested that we include a Guitar Shop or Guitar Factory tour in our itinerary.

Cebu Guitars
Cebu Guitars

Aside from the fact that Cebu is a popular source of locally hand-crafted guitars, I believe these local guitar makers needs to be promoted more since our local music shops are now full of cheap and mass produced China made guitars.

After visiting the Cebu Taoist Temple and having our bountiful lunch at CnT Lechon Cebu, We went straight to Mactan – Cebu’s hand-crafted Guitar Capital. Along Quezon National Highway, you will find several guitar shops but we decided to visit Guitar Master since this is where I bought my first guitar.

Cebu Guitars
Cebu Souvenir

In this shop you will find guitars in different colors, designs and sizes. Depending on the kind of wood and other materials used, prices of Guitars at Guitar Master range from P1, 000.00 to P30, 000. They also sell made to order guitars for people who wants to own a personalized and intricately designed guitar. Right beside their guitar gallery, you can also check out their small guitar factory.

Back in the 80’s, Some Cebu-made guitars are being exported to Japan, United States and some parts of Europe but according to Ronie Pangatunan – a local guitar shop owner, Guitar sales went down when China started producing machine made guitars which is being sold at very low prices leaving the locally made guitars unnoticed.

Cebu Guitar Factory - Cebu Guitar Master
Guitar Master Cebu

Ronie Pangatunan’s Guitar-making Business is a family tradition that is passed on from generation. He hopes that one day, Cebu Guitars will regain its old glory.

What makes Cebu made Guitar different?

Cebu made guitars are usually made of various local soft and hard woods. Common type of woods being used by local guitar makes are Langka (jackfruit), Narra (the Philippine National Tree) and the black wood “kamagong” (ebony).

Where to Buy Cebu Guitars?

Guitar Master
Quezon National Highway
Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu Philippines
Phone: +6332-495-2412
Mobile: +63920-224-3767
Contact: Ronie Pangatunan

Written by Melo Villareal

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