How to Get Black Eyed Peas Manila Concert Tickets for Free!

Here’s something very cool that has just come up. No doubt that you’ve heard that the Black Eyed Peas will be having a concert here in Manila. The concert is getting a lot of buzz and people are incredibly excited about it. One thing that is a bit of a bummer is that tickets are a bit on the expensive side and this is a bit of a bummer for a lot of hard working folks who would love to see this amazing band perform here.

Black Eyed Peas Free Concert Tickets

Still, there is a chance you could get tickets for free! Seriously.

McDonalds is giving away tickets to this concert every day. Every order for McDelivery of 250 php or more qualifies you to get a chance to win a pair of tickets for the Black Eyed Peas. The Black Eyed Peas will be playing live in Manila on the 25th of October and that means you still have about a week of lunch, dinner, or breakfast where you can use McDelivery and see if you can get some tickets for free.

What you order is up to you, since McDonalds of the Philippines is making a minimum purchase but not dictating what you have to order. And if you are worried that they’ve already given the tickets away for the day – you can check on their Facebook page at to see how many tickets are still available for that day.

The concert will take place at the Mall of Asia complex and if you want to try to buy tickets you can pay anywhere from 1000 php to 10,000 php per ticket! As for me, I’d rather eat some great McDonalds food and see if I can win!

The multi Grammy award winning Black Eyed Peas are causing a lot of buzz, in part because Filipino, Allan Pineda together with Ferghi, Taboo and have just wrapped up their 6th international concert tour and are promising to make this the biggest Filipino live dance party in history! The band is going to go on an indefinite hiatus after this concert and so this may be the last chance to see them perform live anywhere in the world!

So, I’m eating McDelivery every day this week and even if I don’t win – I’m still lovin’ it!

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