Masskara Festival 2013 Schedule of Activities


If you’re thinking of attending the 2013 Masskara Festival, you’re in for a treat. Every year, the Masskara Festival brings in tourists from around the country, the region, and even the world. The colorful and intricate costumes and masks are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and performances of the traditional dances are not to be missed. Here is a schedule of some of the highlights of the Masskara Festival 2013.

Masskara Festival 2013 Performer
Masskara Festival 2013 Performer

Where to Be for Masskara Festival 2013

Masskara Festival is held in Bacolod City, also known as the City of Smiles. On October 19th is Charter Day, a city holiday which serves as the central date for the festival. To get to Bacolod City is pretty easy, whether you’re traveling from Manila or Cebu City, but the best is to just take a flight. The flight from Cebu City is only 30 minutes, and from Manila it only takes an hour. Ferry rides are considerably longer; 18 hours from Manila and 7 hours from Cebu City.

Masskara Festival Schedule of Activities
Masskara Festival Schedule of Activities

All the festivities take place in either City Public Plaza – where the arena dance happens – or Araneta Avenue for the street dance.

Dates of the Festival

The Masskara Festival is held every year during the 3rd week of October. For 2013, the biggest weekend will be the 19th and 20th of October when dance competitions will culminate with performances from the top dancers for the school and barangay categories. The festival itself lasts for the three weeks leading up to the final weekend, heres the Masskara Festival 2013 Final Schedule of Activities:

Oct. 1 is Government Officials and Employees’ Day;
Oct. 2, Military, Police, Fire, Safety, Security Workers’ Day;
Oct. 3, Barangay Officials’ Day;
Oct. 4, Children, Youth and Students’ Day;
Oct. 5, World Teachers’ Day;
Oct. 6, Judges and Lawyers’ Day;
Oct. 7, Senior Citizens’ Day;
Oct. 8, Drivers’ Day;
Oct. 9, Fisherfolk and Construction Workers’ Day;
Oct. 10, Arts and Media;
Oct. 11, BPO and IT Workers’ Day;
Oct. 12, Civil Society Day and Day of Volunteerism;
Oct. 13, Persons With Disability and Inter-Religious Harmony Day;
Oct. 14, Bankers, Businessman and Traders’ Day;
Oct. 15, Farmers and Market Vendors’ Day;
Oct. 16, Doctors, Nurses and Health Workers’ Day;
Oct. 17, International People’s Day;
Oct. 18, Sangguniang Panlungsod Day;
Oct. 19, Adlaw Sang Bacolod: 75th Charter Anniversary;
Oct. 20, Kasadya Bacolod Day, highlighted by the MassKara Street Dancing Competition Barangay Category.

What You’ll See at Masskara Festival 2013

Just like the city, Masskara Festival is a festival of smiles. Masskara literally means many faces. The festival is a tradition that dates back to celebrating regardless of tough times. The masks are all smiling and enthusiastic, as well as bright and colorful to match intricate and beautiful costumes worn by dancers and participants. This is a display that is unique in the Philippines and the world, and cannot be understood with just a description.

The best way to appreciate and enjoy the Masskara Festival in 2013 is to be there for yourself. Bacolod City is in full festival mode for most of the month of October, and you’ll be surrounded by one big happy party for your entire visit.

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