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UPDATED Canigao Island Travel Guide: DIY Tour, Itinerary, Budget and more

An Island Paradise in Matalom, Leyte

Travel Guide to Canigao Island for First-time Travelers

So, where are you going this summer? With more than 7,000 beautiful islands, deciding can be very hard. Why not go somewhere lesser-known but equally magnificent just like the other famous beach destinations in the country?

Canigao Island Travel Guide
Canigao Island Travel Guide

Everyone in the Philippines has been waiting for the summer season, especially the students (No more classes! It’s 3 months of vacation! Yehey!). And by now, many are very excited about their out-of-town beach getaways, friends and family alike. Sparkling crystal clear water, shimmering powdery white sand, warm blue skies, jaw-dropping majestic sunrise, postcard-perfect backdrop, and gorgeous beach bummers — Oh! Summer is love, don’t you agree?

Marketplace shells
Marketplace shells
Marketplace Souvenirs
Marketplace Souvenirs

Hear ye! Hear ye, everyone! Introducing — an island paradise in the province of Leyte, Canigao Island.

Once known as the fishermen’s sanctuary in the municipality of Matalom, Canigao Island has become a major tourist destination in Eastern Visayas since 2005 and has gained overwhelming popularity recently.

In this Canigao Island Travel Guide Blog, we listed some tips on how you can do your own DIY Canigao Island Trip. We also included Canigao Itinerary, Things to do and see, how to get there, and more.

Pier going to Canigao
Pier going to Canigao

Canigao Island Location

The islet is located in Eastern Visayas. The nearest town is the municipality of Matalom in Leyte.

Best Time to Visit Canigao Island

Just like most islands in the Philippines, the best time to visit the island of Canigao is during the summer season from February to May but you can still visit the island from October to June. Avoid the rainy and typhoon season which is from the months of July to September.

If you hate a crowded beach, avoid visiting the island during the summer season, national holidays, holy week, and long weekends.

How To Get There

Traveling to this island paradise in Leyte is easy. Here’s how.

1. Take a morning flight bound for Tacloban (D. Z. Romualdez Airport) so that you have enough travel time towards the municipality of Matalom. The Manila (MNL) to Tacloban (TAC) flight is about an hour long.

2. When in Tacloban airport, ride a taxi or van for P50-100 to take you to the downtown bus terminal. Alternatively, you can ride a jeepney for only P10, but you have to walk 3 blocks before you can find one.

3. Once you’re in the terminal, ride a van or a bus going to Matalom (that’s about 4 hours) and tell the driver to drop you off at the municipal plaza of this town. A one-way trip can cost P150.

4. When in Matalom’s municipal plaza, ask the locals around about the pier going to Canigao, which is just a walking distance from there. So you don’t need to ride a tricycle. But if you insist, it can cost you P7.

5. On the pier, you will pay P60, which covers your back-and-forth boat fare and entrance fee to the island. Travel time is 15 – 20 minutes.

Entrance Fees

  • Entrance Fee: Php 20 for children 6-12 years old and Php 40 for adults.
  • Boat Fare: Php65 per person
  • Open Cottage Day rental: Php500
  • Open Cottage overnight fee: Php700
  • Rooms for rent: Php1,500
  • Tent pitching: Php100
Photos of Canigao by GinaD Wikipedia CC
Photos of Canigao by GinaD Wikipedia CC

Things To Do on Canigao Island

Believe it or not, there is so much you can do in Canigao Island that will truly test your love for travel. Are you a certified globetrotter?

Well, becoming a traveler is not just about setting foot in a new place and taking selfies, but discovering and experiencing the beauty of nature — the essence of traveling, as they say.

Snorkel or dive in Canigao
Snorkel or dive in Canigao

So when in Canigao, you can:

1. Set up a hammock in any of the sturdy trees. Once done, lay down, close your eyes, feel the cool sea breeze, listen to the soothing sound of ocean waves and the chirping of migratory birds, and doze off to sleep for a few minutes to rejuvenate your senses. Alternatively, you can get your favorite book and read with the sea breeze on your face. Or, you can just lie down and look at the beautiful surrounding — different types of tree species, clear turquoise water, sparkling white sand, warm skies, rare cloud formation, and so much more.

Snorkel or dive in Canigao Island
Snorkel or dive in Canigao Island

2. Tour around barefoot. Canigao is one of the islands in the Philippines with the finest white sand. On the way, you’ll see awesome sand and rock formations, a variety of plants (flowering or not), endangered tropical and subtropical trees (fruit-bearing or not), different types of shells, migratory birds, fisherfolk waving their hands to say hi, friendly and generous locals, and more.

3. Swim as long as you want. Actually, most of the tourists immediately go and take a swim once they arrive on the island. They just can’t resist the inviting sparkling crystal clear and cool water. It’s amazing because you can see the sun beating down hard but when you dip into its waters, it’s very cool. And when you come up, it’s very cold because of the strong sea breeze. Your eyes will be filled with excitement too as colorful fishes swim along.

Snorkeling in Canigao
Snorkeling in Canigao

4. Try sunbathing on the beach. From time to time, you can take a break from swimming and go sunbathing. It’s the perfect way to even out your skin tone.

5. Snorkel or dive outside the protected area. The north and west part of Canigao is a sanctuaries. That is why the island has abundant, rich marine life. Snorkeling or diving in the middle of a bright day, you will be mesmerized by the extensive number of tropical sea creatures and enchanting ocean floors with dramatic and lush coral gardens.

Snorkeling Spots
Snorkeling Spots

6. Come with some fisherfolk to catch fish and get edible sea urchins, shells, and others. The locals on the island are some of the friendliest people on the planet. You can just approach the fisherfolk there or hire a pump boat, especially for you. You can also try using a paddle boat for a more exciting adventure.

7. Go kayaking or ride a jet ski within the designated area. Although there is no kayak or jet ski available for rent on the island, the authorities allow anyone to bring their own watercraft and equipment.

Jump in and swim with colorful tropical fish
Jump in and swim with colorful tropical fish

8. Play beach volleyball or frisbee. There is a beach volleyball court for everyone and if it’s occupied, you can go somewhere where there is enough space. It is advised though that you bring your own ball and equipment just in case. There are regular tourists who play frisbee so you can join them too.

9. Join some foreign and local tourists playing instruments, singing songs, and having fun. Are you hesitant to approach them? No worries because it’s them who will invite you. The people there are the friendliest and most hospitable. Of course, prepare to sing along and show your talent. It’s fun! It’s one unique experience!

Tour around barefoot
Tour around barefoot

10. Visit the lighthouse and other landmarks. In the middle of the island, you can see one of the oldest lighthouses in Leyte. In the morning, they allow tourists to climb and have a panoramic view of the whole Eastern Visayas. You can also see the islands of Camotes, Cebu, Cagayan, Limasawa, and more. It’s gorgeous!

11. Go to the marketplace. Here, you can check out different souvenir items, including tee shirts, bags, hats, mats, purses, pouches, accessories, home décors, and more (from P20 to P200). You can also buy something to eat as there are no restaurants, cafés or pubs on the island. When it comes to food, tourists are encouraged to bring their own provisions, or buy seafood (starts at P50) on the island and have them cooked by some locals or cook the sea creatures themselves (there is a kitchen for everyone). The stores in the marketplace only sell snacks, drinks, and other necessities (soaps, shampoos, tissues, etc).

Tree House
Tree House

12. Stay in a treehouse along the beach. Entrance is limited so be sure to ask permission from the management ahead of time. If there’s no one inside, you can bring your food there and eat while looking at the beautiful shimmering ocean, made more comfortable by the onshore breeze. You can also sleep here.

13. Watch the majestic sunset. By far, the island offers the best view of the sunset. At 5 in the afternoon, you are advised to find a place, prepare your camera, and wait for the spectacular natural scenery.

14. Pitch a tent (P100 – P200 per tent area). Although there are cottages (P500 to P700) and rooms (P1,500) for those who will be staying overnight, it is advised that you try camping, pitching a tent by the shore. Sleeping with the sand as your bed is certainly a must-try for first-timers. You’ll be surprised how comfortable and refreshing it is.

Visit the lighthouse
Visit the lighthouse

15. Watch shooting stars at night. In cities, it’s rare to see falling stars, even once. But in Canigao, you will lose count. It’s totally a mind-blowing experience! More stars, more wishes!

Travel Guide to Canigao Island
Travel Guide to Canigao Island

Do you want to know more about Canigao Island? Google “Canigao Island Paradise Facebook” so you will be routed to their official Facebook page.

*All photos courtesy of Canigao Island Paradise Facebook Page.

Where to stay in Canigao

As of this writing, there are no resorts, or hotels on the island, however, there are native huts available if you are not into camping. You can bring your own tent or you may also rent from locals.

Canigao Island Travel Guide photo by Gina D via Wikipedia CC
Canigao Island Travel Guide photo By GinaD – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there electricity on Canigao island?

Yes but since the island is only powered by a generator, electricity is turned off by midnight to save fuel.

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