10 Amazing Things To Do And See In Bogota, Colombia

10 Amazing Things To Do And See In Bogota, Colombia

Discover Colombia: Things To Do and Amazing Places to See in Bogota

(Bogota, Colombia) – Bogota is the capital of Colombia. It’s a beautiful place where locals and tourists can see nature while enjoying city life. It’s not hard to take notice that Bogota is heavily influenced by their Spanish conquistadors. The old buildings, churches and cobblestone paths make it obvious but in a way it made Bogota what it is today; extremely rich with their heritage and a superb place to visit at least once in your life.

Here are some of the amazing things to do and places to see in Bogota, Colombia.


Ciclovia in Bogota photo via Wikipedia
Ciclovia in Bogota By Lombana – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Every Sunday a couple of the main streets in Bogotá are closed to make way for walkers, runners and bikers to enjoy their workouts uninterrupted. This is a 40-year old event which everyone can participate in and the best part is that there are also street foods everyone can try after their workouts.

Schedule: 7:00 am-2:00 pm

The Churches of Bogotá

Primatial Cathedral in Bogota
Primatial Cathedral in Bogota – Cultural and Religious Places to see in Bogota

The churches of Bogotá have dramatic facades with interiors that show meticulous craftsmanship. Their churches are old but wait until you see how stunning they are in person. Some of the churches you have to visit are Inglesia de San Francisco and Iglesia de la Tercera which stands side by side and Santuario Nuestra Señora del Carmen which is a church dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Flea Markets

A lot will agree that going to a new place is made better when you get to visit a flea market/s and you’ll find there’s a lot in Bogotá.

Artesanias de Colombia photo via official fb page
Artesanias de Colombia photo via official fb page

Mercado Internacional is a second-hand shop where you can buy men’s clothes while La Gran Bodega is women’s shop. Don’t mistake the two for being dingy as their items are in mint conditions. Artesanias de Colombia is a gift haven. You’ll find all sorts of brand new items there like textiles, ceramics, jewelries, ornaments, masks and so much more. Their items are more expensive though but these are high-quality crafts we’re talking about.


  • Mercado Internacional, Avenue Caracas #49-94, Bogotá, Colombia
  • La Gran Bodega, Avenue Caracas #51-18, Bogotá, Colombia
  • Artesanias de Colombia, Calle 86a #13a-10, Bogotá, Colombia

Museo del Oro (Museum of Gold)

Gold Pieces at Museo del Oro in Colombia photo via wikipedia
Gold Pieces at Museo del Oro in Colombia By Leandro Neumann Ciuffo – Peças do museu do ouro, CC BY 2.0

People tend to gravitate towards shiny things and in Museo del Oro you can have a feast because gold is their main attraction. They do have other artifacts in the museum but it’s their gold collection that people can’t wait to see. The collection dates back to pre-Hispanic Colombia with many of their pieces coming from Laguna de Guatavita which is just outside the city. This Museum is definitely one of the most amazing places to see in Bogota.

El Cerro Monserrate

Church on top of Monserrate Mountain photo via Wikipedia
Church on top of Monserrate Mountain By Felipe Restrepo Acosta – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

The locals considered it sacred in pre-Colombian era when indigenous people called Muisca lived there. Today, it’s popular with pilgrims and tourists. It can be accessed through climbing, funicular and cable car. The tourist spot which shut down due to drought, wildfires and landslides reopened in 2017.  This is good news because you can see the beauty of the city especially at night from the mountain.

Street art - Things To Do And See In Bogota
Street art – Things To Do And See In Bogota

Art Scene

This Botero sculpture greets patrons as they come in the front door.
This Botero sculpture greets patrons as they come in the front door. By Jorge Láscar from Australia – Museo Botero, CC BY 2.0

Bogotá has a diverse art scene. You can take on a Graffiti tour which aims to teach joiners what Bogotá truly means for the locals. You can expect to see the works of famous street artists. You can also visit Museo de Botero which houses the works of Fernando Botero and other famous artists. What set the works of Botero apart are his subjects. He likes to portray “fat” people and animals which make his work unique.

Museo de Botero is located at Museo de Botero, Calle 11 #4-41, Bogotá, Colombia

Bogota Food Scene

So after shopping and touring you’ll get hungry that you must visit Leo or La Escuela Restaurante. Leo is a mother and daughter tandem (chef-sommelier) restaurant offering exotic cuisines. Be fearless and try their lemongrass-scented rainforest ants and smoked rabbit. Their ingredients are mostly found in their natural surroundings. Those succulent dishes are paired with guava wine, coca wine or corozo fruit wine.

La Escuela Restaurante in Bogota
La Escuela Restaurante in Bogota

If you’re a bit apprehensive, you can try La Escuela Restaurante which has a menu of 60 various types of potatoes. Imagine all those colors! You also must try chicken and potato soup served with avocado which is famous throughout the city.


  • Leo- Pasaje Santa Cruz de Mompox, Calle 27b, No 6-75, Bogotá
  • La Escuela Restaurante- Casa iregui, Bogotá, 110321, Colombia

Jardín Botánico de Bogotá

Jardin Botanico de Bogota
Jardin Botanico de Bogota

Some of the 130,000 plant species found in the Colombia can be seen here. Greenhouses with temperature-controlled climate can be found in the vicinity where plant species from different parts of Colombia, Guajira, Páramos, Colombian Andes and Amazon Rainforest are housed. The garden is dedicated to 5 special collections which aim to conserve endangered Andean plants. You could continue the learning experience by checking out medicinal plants, aquatic plants, xerophytic plants and cacti and their arboretum.

Location: Ac 63 #68-95, Bogotá, Colombia

Bogotá Nightlife

Bogota Nightlife
Bogota Nightlife

Don’t sleep just yet. Go to Céntrico which is located on the 41st floor of one of the tallest buildings in Bogotá. You’ll be amazed with their tapas dishes and cocktails but other than that, the picturesque view of the city at night is another reason to go there. There’s also a dance floor if you’re feeling groovy.

Location: Ak. 7 #32-16, Bogotá, Colombia

Simon Bolivar Central Park (Parque Simon Bolivar)

Theme Park in Bogota Colombia
Theme Park in Bogota Colombia

This is the largest green space in Bogotá and it’s located right at the heart of the city. It features 400 acres of lake, lush greens and events arenas. Fitness enthusiasts can choose from an array of activities like swimming at the Olympic pool and motocross. Those who are stressed out can relax at the sauna or the amusement park. The place is huge so there are still a lot of activities to try for all ages. The park can accommodate 140,000 persons.

Location: Av. Calle 53 y Av. Esmeralda #s/n, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

These are just glimpses of what you can do and see in Bogota. It’s a wonderful place and who knows you may just be walking by yourself and you discover a hidden gem because that’s not impossible when you’re in Bogotá.

Discover Colombia: Things To Do and Amazing Places to See in Bogota
Discover Colombia: Things To Do and Amazing Places to See in Bogota

Have you been to Colombia? Can you recommend other places to see in Bogota? Please help us improve this travel guide by sharing your inputs on the comment section below.

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