Bauhinia Filipino Cuisine in Iloilo: Sooo Pinoy Food Trip na Pilipinas!

After a heavy dinner, we headed to another restaurant located few blocks away from Floyd’s Famous BBQ. This time its a restaurant that offers inventive Filipino cuisine called Bauhinia Filipino Cuisine.

ilongo food
Ginataang Pusit

Compare to the two other restaurants owned and operated by by Great Foods Concepts Inc., Bauhinia is quite charming and it offers a fine dining feel at just the right price. We were obviously full and almost bloated for eating so many dishes on our fist day in Iloilo so most of us did not eat rice but we truly enjoyed the two dishes served that night.

moringa recipes
Moringa Crusted Sibingan

They first served Ginataang Pusit, a surprising version of this Pinoy dish. Gata is commonly used in most filipino recipes since the country has so many coconut plantations. The surprising part of their version was the absence of the black ink on the squid. The sauce is creamy and squid was slowly cooked to perfection. Their recipe is naturally spicy but you tell the Chef to adjust the Spiciness according to your preference.

The next dish is called Moringa Crusted Sibingan. If you are health concious then this dish is for you. The dish was cooked with less oil and they are using unsalted butter. For the fish toppings, they used ground pesto, dry herbs, sage, dried oregano and paremsan cheese. These two new recipes from Bauhinia are best served with hot steamed rice:)

Bauhinia Filipino Cuisine is located at the Avenue Complex, in Smallville Complex Iloilo City.

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