How to Protect Your Travel Photos From a Computer Virus

How to Protect Your Travel Photos From a Computer Virus

Travel bloggers and photographers rely on photographs almost as much as they rely on their ability to write about what they’ve seen. After all, a picture is worth at least 1000 words.

Antivirus Software for your Photos
Antivirus Software for your Photos

I can write a long column about the beauty of a particular beach on the coast, or about the thriving nightlife in the city center, but without those colorful, brilliant, energetic, or stunning photographs, it’s hard for readers to get the whole picture, so to speak. So what happens when a computer virus wipes out your hard drive or locks you out of your valuable images? It’s not just about the antivirus software you have installed, there are also other ways to protect your photos.

Other Dangers

Of course, a computer virus isn’t the only thing that can damage or destroy all those unique photos from a travel assignment. Your computer can be destroyed, stolen, or lost, leaving you with nothing to show for your time and experiences but the memories. Today there are many ways to protect your photos and other private information, and there are also many things that can go wrong which your photos need protection against.

How to Protect Your Travel Photos From a Computer Virus
How to Protect Your Travel Photos From a Computer Virus

Back-Up Everything

Naturally, your best option is to have two of everything. If you’ve got your photos saved somewhere else, then a computer virus should remain localized and not affect the photos that are backed up somewhere else. There are a few ways to back-up your computer and all of them are better than losing everything.

  • Online Back-up Services – These services, such as Mozy, SugarSync, and DropBox, take time to upload your images, but then everything is stored on a secure server.
  • Spare Hard Drives – You can always carry all your images on a spare hard drive just for back-up.
  • Keep Them on the Camera – Don’t delete any photos until you get home. Keep them on the camera and the computer, and you’ll avoid losing travel photos to a computer virus.

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  1. Travel Agencies Philippines says

    A lot of backups for one’s memorable photos — I have at least three — my desktop hard drive, an 8gb flash drive and a portable hard drive, not counting the camera.

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