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WATCH: Australian tourist falls in love with Coron in the Philippines, the ‘most beautiful country’ he’s been to

Australian traveler documents ‘most memorable experience’ in Coron, Philippines

Australian traveler Alexander Sherack of has traveled to over 25 countries in North America, Europe and Asia. But his recent travel to the Philippines had him saying it was one of the “most memorable travel experience” he has ever had in one of the most beautiful countries he has been to.

Alexander Sherack in Coron Palawan Alexander Sherack in Coron Palawan

He documents his two-day travel to Coron in a video he posted on his YouTube channel, where he shows the different things he experienced in the popular Palawan town.

He says he traveled to the Philippines for over a month, experiencing different types of local activities like cockfighting, swimming with whale sharks, scuba diving and visiting a local market. But he says the highlight was a visit to Coron, where he got to experience fishing with local fishermen in the islands. There, he experienced sleeping in a hut on the beach, and going out in the waters to fish for tuna. “We weren’t having too much luck with the rigs,” Alex shares, but then proceeds to show five tuna that they got just after a few minutes. Find out how they got some fish so fast by watching the video here:

Fishing with a native man in Coron, The Philippines

Apart from the fishing experience, he raves about the clear blue waters of Coron, where he got to snorkel and see the many fish, corals and other sea creatures. His fishermen friends brought him to Twin Lagoons and Busuanga Lake, and he also got to swim to a nearby Japanese sunken ship! As mesmerized as he was with his travel to the Philippines, he also gives other travelers some tips on how they can have a similar local experience like he did. He encourages travelers to be inspired by travel photos, saying that was how he started finding the huts and islands that got him to Coron. “Why can’t it be you?” he says as he challenges other backpackers to go make their dream travel happen. He says he was glad he got to have a different kind of travel experience going with the fishermen, and that everyone can do the same. “Go do it. Find someone that can do it,” he says. “Do research, talk to some people and make it happen.” Follow him on Instagram @sherackcitybitch

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