Asia’s must-see wedding traditions

Japanese Bride and Groom cutting a wedding cake

Must-see Wedding Traditions in Asia

There’s something special with Asian weddings. Every wedding tradition that still lives on is a reminder of the rich, vibrant culture of the country where it is held. Asia’s diverse traditions make every traveler want to go check it out. And it’s pretty much enticing for traveling photographers since weddings, no matter how grandiose or simple these are, really catch the eye.

More than the much-awaited union of two hearts, these thriving and well-preserved wedding traditions show the cultural heritage and diversity unique to the region.

wedding traditions Japanese Bride and Groom cutting a wedding cake
Japanese Bride and Groom cutting a wedding cake

Let’s see, for instance, that of Japan. Japanese brides wear traditional silk kimonos on their wedding day, instead of Western white gowns. Each kimono is usually embroidered with purple iris flowers which, in the country, symbolizes. Together with their parents, the wedded couple engages in San San Kudo which is a traditional binding ceremony wherein each half takes three sips of sake for every cup. Hence, when translated, it means “three three nine times”. Ku-  or 9 is a lucky number for the Japanese; –do, on the other hand, means to be set free. There are three cups all in all which represent the three human flaws: passion, ignorance, and hatred. So, it makes sense that the couple takes this drinking ritual to free themselves from these human flaws.

Korean wedding Hollye by Bernat Agullo. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons
Korean wedding Hollye by Bernat Agullo. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons

In Korea, everything related to the wedding is meticulously and tirelessly prepared. It is made sure that a good deal of attention is given from the pre-wedding preparations up to the wedding day itself. Koreans are said to be extravagant spenders when it comes to weddings. That includes engagement parties and wedding gifts including the groom’s gift—a wild goose–to his future mom-in-law. Traditionally, the bride’s family house serves as the venue for the Korean wedding. Here, vows are taken through a ceremony called kunbere. In this ceremony, the groom and bride bow to each other and take their vow by sipping a special wine poured into a hollowed-out plant similar to the pumpkin grown by the bride’s mother.

Indonesian Wedding photo by wedding traditions
Indonesian Wedding traditions photo by

Now, let’s move closer to our neighbor Indonesia. In Indonesia, weddings are a big celebration. Typically, a thousand guests attend to see the couple’s most-awaited day. Before the reception begins, the couple must individually greet each guest as they walk through the receiving line. In the wedding proper, the bride usually arrives first. Then, the groom follows. Usually, he gets to have the bigger amount of attention.

Of course, we won’t forget our own wedding traditions which still remain to be lively after hundreds of years of colonization. Take for example Cotabato City where one can find a 320,000 sq. m. Basilan tribal village which serves as the place for the different cultural activities that the Philippines takes pride in such as centuries-long wedding practices of the Yakan, Iranon, Maguindanaon, Tausog, Maranaw, and Sama tribes.

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The cultural richness of Asian countries including ours really show how different we are, yet connected we become by the commonality that is love. Don’t get disconnected with your travel. Dare to explore the rich cultural diversity that Asia has. Fly with Cebu Pacific. Visit

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