Air Travel After COVID-19 Pandemic: Where Will I Go?

Safety marshalls to ensure physical distancing when Philippine beaches, resorts reopen photo by Jules-bss via unsplash

Post-Pandemic Travel: How Risky Is It To Fly and Where Will I go?

As an avid traveler, a lot of people have been asking me—“Where will you go after this pandemic?”

For a lot of people, travel plans have essentially been canceled due to the pandemic. Others do not even consider traveling even after the community quarantine is lifted. However, some are excited to travel once again. This trip may be their much-needed vacation, or they would like to see how their families are doing after over three months of staying at home.

Cebu Pacific New Normal Check-in Physical Distancing
Cebu Pacific New Normal Check-in Physical Distancing

My reasons for wanting to travel are a bit different. Of course, I’d love to enjoy and have fun after this period of being locked indoors. However, I would still like to exercise caution when traveling. But the main reason is to observe and learn the “new normal” of the tourism and travel industry.

I recently read on the new local airline safety protocols, which I just posted the other day. I must say, the protocols impressed me. Cebu Pacific, in particular, implements stricter cleaning procedures and arranges the flight for a “contactless” venture—from point of origin to getting off the plane.

Where I’ll be going

And the first plane I’m taking after this pandemic will be a plane bound for El Nido, Palawan. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, El Nido has been a tourist hotspot in the Philippines both for foreigners and locals alike. But what makes El Nido the perfect place for post-pandemic travel is because of its low number of cases. The whole MIMAROPA region has recorded only 37 cases, 19 of which are already recovered (as of May 24, 2020). This is evidence that the government has successfully curbed the spread of the virus within the region.

Visiting El Nido photo by Jules-bss via unsplash
Visiting El Nido photo by Jules-bss via unsplash

Moreover, after being indoors for over two months now, the only thing I would like to do is watch the sun disappear down into the horizon while I’m by the beach with a bottle of beer in my hand—maybe two or three bottles, who knows?

Is it safe to travel?

My travel plans are probably scaring some of you away right now. However, we have to realize that travel is certainly possible and safe, especially with the new precautionary measures and mandatory protocols that are imposed by the government and are implemented by airlines right now.

New Normal Cebu Pacific Boarding Procedure
New Normal Cebu Pacific Boarding Procedure

Looking into Cebu Pacific specifically, safety remains their top priority. Pilots and cabin crew members undergo mandatory rapid antibody tests before they are allowed on board. Moreover, planes are sanitized thoroughly on a daily basis. Crew members are wearing personal protective equipment both for their own safety and yours. Boarding procedures are arranged to comply with social distancing, as well. These are all implemented seriously to ensure everyone’s safety when flying with Cebu Pacific.

Why should I travel after the Pandemic?

There is nothing to be scared about. If you practice proper social distancing and cooperate with airport staff members appropriately, as well as take precautionary measures to protect you, traveling is certainly still possible.

After all, remember all those times and moments that you have traveled in the past. Those were such good and satisfying memories that you would certainly want to recreate and relive once again. The memories you create in the future will certainly be rewarding, especially after this pandemic. You have been given the chance at another life, live it to the fullest.

El Nido Palawan by jules-bss via unsplash
El Nido Palawan by jules-bss via unsplash

When should I travel?

That being said, the best time to travel will certainly be in the last quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of next year (September 2020 – April 2021). If things continue to flat out as they are right now, travel during this period will certainly be possible.

Traveling within the country is most definitely encouraged, as opposed to traveling overseas. While that may sound like a bummer to others, the bright side is that there are a lot of good travel destinations in the Philippines.

After a long time of staying at home, there is nothing that compares to traveling for leisure to the far beaches in the south of the Philippines. Airlines execute safety protocols to ensure the safety against the Covid-19 pandemic of everyone on board.


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