Travel Tips: 5 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Traveling allows a person to take a break from normal life and experience a different environment. It becomes a source of breather in the hectic routine of daily life. And for some it becomes their life purpose. Ultimately, it is an enjoyable experience that encourages a person to expands his/her perspective of the world.

Why buy Buy Travel Insurance
Why buy Buy Travel Insurance

But while traveling is often viewed positively, it is a potentially big source of stress especially when things do not go as planned. There are a lot of variables that can cause a trip to go to disarray, and there are limited options to control or mitigate them. Travel insurance came to be to address this specific problem. So whether one is a new or seasoned traveler, it is best to be prepared and not ruin the planned vacation.

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Here are 5 reasons why travel insurance is a necessity:

1. Trip cancellations and interruptions

Cancelled Flights
Cancelled Flights

In the process of making travel plans, there is always the assumption that weather and other circumstances are suitable for travel. We cannot predict rainstorms, monsoons, snow, hail, earthquakes or other natural disasters that can influence our travel schedule. We cannot predict traffic or road accidents that may delay us from getting to the airport. We also cannot predict if lines through ticket counters or immigration become too long during connecting flights that will cause you to miss your schedule. Preparing for these circumstances would be a smart move that will save you both a lot of money (for airfare, meals and hotel stay) and time spent for your business or vacation. Travel insurance companies will also usually have 24/7 customer service that can help you get through the hassle of getting a ticket during these trip interruptions.

2. Lost baggage

Lost Baggage
Lost Baggage

Even with the most advanced tracking and delivery system employed by different airlines, thousands of checked in baggage still get lost or taken by other passenger every year. This happens most especially during transit between connecting flights or when a passenger arrives late to the conveyor belt. Tracking a lost baggage is possible, but will usually take a long time, inconveniencing you during the first days of your trip. Travel insurance will help you both in tracking you luggage and reimbursing your expenses brought about by your lost belongings. This money can go a long way to provide you with an outfit and toiletries especially on the first few days of the trip.

3. Medical or accident coverage

Medical Coverage
Medical Coverage

Prevention is crucial but can only be effective to some extent. Accidents and sickness during trips do happen and some would even require hospitalization. If your medical insurance covers medical expenses during travel, then that is good for you. But majority of other insurance products do not or only cover to a specific limit. Being sick or in an accident in a foreign land would be horrific since you are unfamiliar with both the processes and fees in that area. Travel insurance customer service will minimize your headache by directing you to hospitals that can cater to you or reimburse the expenses you will incur during the trip.

4. Death and repatriation

Of course no one wants to think about dying during a trip abroad. But even if we don’t want to think about it, it is a possible reality. No one ever knows when death will approach anyone. If, heaven forbid, it does happen to you, you don’t want to leave your family worrying about how to transfer your remains and the cost of all these processes. Preparing for the possibility of death can save your loved ones the hassle of funeral preparations and enable them to grieve properly.

5. It is (relatively) cheap and an essential part of the trip experience

Worry Free Travel
Worry Free Travel

People look at the price tag of the insurance but fail to compare it to the overall cost of the trip. If anything, it is often less than 1% of your entire trip expense or equivalent to the cost of a single meal. We often shell out hundreds of dollars for attractions, tourist sites, food, lodging, and souvenir without hesitation. Even the most budget travelers believe that these are essential parts of the experience of traveling to that area. We should also view travel insurance the same. If we are saving to get these experiences, we should spend that 1% to ensure that we get to fully enjoy the trip we have planned to take. What is 1%, a meal, or a souvenir item compared to the peace of mind that travel insurance can give?

There are a lot of travel insurances in the market, but I urge you to get something that has more comprehensive coverage. Choose a travel insurance company that offers an all-inclusive insurance scheme that will be right for your budget. Or you may ask the representatives to find a personalized one suitable for your needs.

So on your next trip, make sure you are safe and protected. Hoping for a lifetime of enjoyable travel for everyone!

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