8 Types of Travelers You Will Meet on the Road

We travel to change our perspectives and widen our horizons but we cannot help but have prejudices about people. Have you ever seen these common types of travelers on the road? Which one do you belong to?

The Inexperienced

These types of travelers are typically those who lug huge baggages, say yes to the first offer they are given and fall into scams that will cost them a lot of money. Then again, it is their experiences that shape them into a better and wiser traveler so they know what to do the next time. Most travelers start as inexperienced (obviously).

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The Minimalist

These people take travel to the extreme in that they only pack their most essential items no matter how short or how long their trip will take. You will probably see them wear the same clothing most days but they don’t mind as long as it means having a lighter load on their backs.

The Long-Term Traveler

There are weekend warriors — and there are also long-term travelers. These people go for weeks, months or even years on the road taking with them everything that they need to survive such type of lifestyle. Long-term travelers may have a slightly bigger pack than the minimalist but you also have to note that what they have on their packs are already their entire life.

Female Solo Backpacker.
Female Solo Backpacker.

The Soul Searcher

Some people travel in search of themselves. These people are usually coming from a breakup, going through a crisis or are just looking to find focus to help reorganize and reprioritize their life. Soul searchers are wonderful people to talk with although they may also demand a lot more “alone” time than others to help find what they are looking for.

The Competitive Soul

These types of travelers are those chasing endless bucket lists of places to travel, attractions to see and things to do. They love being social as it gives them an opportunity to brag about their long list of travel accomplishments. Wherever you have been to, they probably have been to also — but only in a more awesome way. They obviously do not want to be left behind and take note of the things that you have done better than he or she did.

Nature Lover
Nature Lover

The On-A-Budget Traveler

These people scrimp on money every chance they get. Whether it is walking four kilometers to save their precious 8 pesos or going on a cup noodle diet just to be able to stretch their peso longer, nothing will stop them from trying to save as many peso as they possibly could. Then again, they probably also splurge on things, such as getting into museums and attractions — something that they believe is priceless and is an experience not worth missing.

The OC Planner

This person has it all figured out up to the last second of the trip. Yes, there will most likely be time constraints to everything, from taking pictures to eating to sleeping. However, we all love OC planners because they get everything planned out from the moment you arrive at the airport to board a plane to the time you ride a taxi on the way home.

Types of Travelers
Types of Travelers

The Great Guy or Gal

These are the most ideal people to be with when traveling. They are geunine people with great hearts who are ready to give help or advice when needed. They also make great people to talk to and you would not mind spending hours being in a conversation with them.

Have you met these people on the road? Perhaps you have talked to someone who is a mixture of two or even more of these types? Which of these travelers best describe you?

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