6 Best Places to Eat Lechon de Cebu

Top Six Best-Tasting Lechon in Cebu

Carcar Lechon

Best Places to Eat Lechon in Cebu

Let’s admit it. When it comes to Lechon in the Philippines, there is only one place that comes to mind: Cebu. The Lechon, or roasted pig, maybe the national dish of the country but many people would definitely agree that Cebu has among the best and most delicious versions of all.

Philippine’s National Dishes, the Lechon is being prepared for the Fiesta
Philippine’s National Dishes, the Lechon is being prepared for the Fiesta

When Anthony Bourdain came to the Philippines a few years ago, he was able to get a bite of the Cebu Lechon and immediately declared that it was the best pig ever.

So, if you have wanted to taste the Lechon that Cebu takes pride in, make sure to drop by anyone of these places to get your craving satisfied:

Rico’s Lechon

Ricos Lechon
Ricos Lechon (via Hey, Miss Adventures!)

Rico’s Lechon has been in business for a very long time and they are, in fact, the ones who introduced the spicy Lechon variety to the market.

Their roasted pig is characterized by its crunchy golden-red skin and slightly salty tender meat. Although their Lechon comes packed with full flavors in the meat itself, you could also dip it in their special Sukalami sauce for an even better eating experience. Rico’s Lechon recently opened a restaurant near the airport and also serves customers who do not eat pork.

If you are looking for one of the best lechon in Cebu but you cant try all the restaurants listed here, make sure not to skip Rico’s, you will thank me later!

You can check out Rico’s Lechon at their Mabolo and Mactan Promenade branches.

House of Lechon

House of Lechon
House of Lechon photo by Allucia Tours

The House of Lechon was supposed to be Rico’s Lechon’s third restaurant until it was renamed to its present name after separating with Pages Holdings.

The place offers roasted pigs similar to the ones from Carcar wherein more sauce is added to the meat. Some diners would rather have it separated to maintain the skin’s crunchiness.

The House of Lechon is located in Acacia Street in Kaputhaw, Cebu City.


Boneless Zubuchon Medium Platter
Boneless Zubuchon Medium Platter

Compared to the other restaurants in this line-up, Zubuchon differs in the way it serves its pork dishes, which include everyone’s favorite Lechon.

It was the company’s founder, Joel Binamira, who prepared and served the roasted pig that Anthony Bourdain feasted on although this happened before the company was put up. Binamira did say that he still uses the same recipe at Zubuchon.

Their roasted pigs are bathed in herbs such as lemongrass and green onions as well as seasonings including sea salt, peppers, and other secret ingredients to come up with that unique taste.

Try Zubuchon located at Escario Central, Marina Mall, or the Cebu IT Park.

Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly

Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly
Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly

If you would like to get a Lechon and make sure that you only get the best and tastiest part (the belly), head over to Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly.

Not only do they offer only the belly part of the Lechon but they have also deboned it for an even better dining experience. Whether you get the classic or the spicy variety, you are assured that you get the same mouthwatering taste as a whole Lechon pig.

Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly can be found at the Al Fresco in Parkmall.

Ayer’s Lechon

Ayer’s Lechon
Ayer’s Lechon

This Lechon paradise is well-known to its fans not just because of its numerous physical stores but also because of its website which makes online ordering possible.

According to them, it is their fresh native pigs that make their roasted pigs stand out in the market. Ayer’s Lechon does not just serve locally but also ships to Manila and other provinces. In some branches, you can also get a taste of Korean side dishes and Cebuano comfort food including paksiw and bopis.

Don’t forget to check out Ayer’s Lechon’s website or their branch located along Banilad Road.

Carcar Lechon

Carcar Lechon
Carcar Lechon

When it comes to Lechon de Cebu, the roasted pigs in Carcar might just be considered as the Queen of all Lechon.

The Carcar variety comes packed with so many flavors because their pigs are bathed in pig broth and roasted pig drippings. If that is not enough to make you drool, then I don’t know what else will.

Carcar Lechon can be likened to a home-cooked Lechon that your uncles and cousins roast in an open charcoal fire right outside your backyard. Just think about the crispy golden-red skin, a thin layer of fat, and extra tender meat and you have the most delicious Lechon in the world.

To get a taste of Carcar’s world-class lechons, head on over to their public market and pair it up with puso (hanging rice) and a bottle of soft drinks.

Whew. Just thinking about Lechon makes me hungry. Perhaps it’s inviting you to book a flight to Cebu and go on a Lechon food trip as well?

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