Travel Guide: Bantayan Island in Cebu

Bantayan Island Travel Guide

Cebu: Bantayan Island Travel Guide

Imagine going on a trip where you are a complete stranger, sounds really cool right? Yes, Bantayan Island is waiting for you. Geographically speaking, Bantayan Island is off coast of Cebu and is located west of the northern part of Cebu Island.

Bantayan Island Travel Guide
Bantayan Island Travel Guide Photo credit: Ace Reston via

How to get there?

A. Book A Flight!

First, you need to take a flight to Mactan International Airport in Cebu. Cost of flights to Cebu may vary from time to time and if you’re coming from Manila, the ticket is around P2000-P3000 on an average.

But don’t you worry there are a lot of travel promos to Cebu offered by some airlines like AirAsia and Cebu Pacific Air which only require an early booking, tickets range about P300-P600.

B. Bus – Ferry Rides

Upon touchdown, go to the Cebu North Bus Terminal and ride a bus to Hagnaya Port, estimated time of bus ride is two-and-a-half-hour including stop-overs.
As soon as you reach the Hagnaya Port, take a Ferry to Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island for about one-and-a-half-hour.

** In case you really want to travel alone and manage your own schedule, there are taxi rentals for a trip to Hagnaya Port even to Bantayan Island. Still be mindful in dealing with some drivers.

*** Moreover, you can bring your own truck, van, car, motorcycle, and bicycle to Bantayan Island. Nevertheless, there are motorbike and bicycle rentals also available in the island.


  • Bus: Business Class – P170 / Economy – P132
  • Ferry Fee – P170 to P185 + P10 for terminal fee
  • Taxi Rental (to Hagnaya Port) – P1,800 to P2,000
  • Vehicle Rate on Ferry
  • Bicycle – P110 to P165
  • Motorcycle – P440 to P500
  • Car/Sedan/Multicab – P880
  • Truck/Pick-up/Van – P1320
  • Cargo Van/Public jeep – P1400
  • Rates vary from time to time and may change without prior notice

Where to stay

Most commonly, tourists lodge in the beach area where accommodation starts from P400 to P16,000.
High end!

For affordable and best hotel deals in Bantayan Island, visit

If you are opting for villas to deluxe suites, Ogtong Cave Resort (check rates) is the best for you. There are a lot of fun activities and exclusive perks for guests in the resort and most famously is exploring the Ogtong Cave for free and also can swim on its natural swimming pool in the cave.

Other resorts offer also high end services like Sta Fe Beach Club and Yoonek Beach resort.

White Sand Beach in Bantayan Cebu
White Sand Beach in Bantayan Cebu Photo credit: ellebnere via

Tight Budget?

Of course, some of us don’t want to spend too much on accommodation. Good thing is that there are also resorts and cottages by the bay that offers much lower rates.

Beach Placid is one of the famous resorts offering lower rates and known for its open-air restaurant opposite the beach, a best place to capture perfect moment.

Dried Fish in Bantayan Island
Dried Fish in Bantayan Island

Things to do in Bantayan Island

Indeed, there are a lot of things that you can do in Bantayan Island that would depend on your time and of course your budget. And here are some of the staggering stuffs you can do.

Visit the 500-year old Church

Saint Peter and Pauls Church in Bantayan Island Cebu
Saint Peter and Pauls Church in Bantayan Island Cebu

Saint Peter and Pauls Church, also Convento Dela Asuncion De Nuestra Snora was founded on June 11, 1580 and was part of the Archdiocese of Mexico. Historically speaking, it was built in 1580, was destroyed by fire and then reconstructed. Geologically speaking, upon reconstruction of the church walls were built from coralline limestone.

Island Hopping

Experience more of the crystalline water and white sand beaches for Virgin Island is only 15 minutes away from Bantayan Island. The cost is around P1400 minimum of four (4) persons.

Snorkeling is also offered showcasing the abundant and beautiful corals. Snorkel fee is about P70.

One more thing great about this is that, the island is not crowded meaning a lot more rooms for solitude and enjoyment.

Visit Ogtong Cave

Ogtong Cave
Ogtong Cave Photo credit: whologwhy via / CC BY

Famous underground 20m long cave for its natural pool. Exploring the cave have an entrance fee of P120 for adult and P50 for kids.

Experience the Sunset and Sunrise

Sunset in Bantayan Island
Sunset in Bantayan Island By Unbuttered Parsnip – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Be inspired by watching Sunset and Sunrise by the beach. Everyone enjoy this beautiful scenery especially the Sunset telling us that not all endings could be bad.

Other activities:

  • Have a good deal at Bantayan Market
  • Wall climbing
  • Try some restaurants
  • Scuba diving
  • Get a tattoo (temporary or permanent)
  • Watch a fire dance
  • Try Fire dancing
  • Join a marathon
  • Camping
  • Party
  • Rent a bike

Home away from home

Truly, Bantayan Island is a place where you are a completely stranger but why does it feel like home for you? Simple thing, because where your heart is … is Home.

  1. Christy Ocariza says

    I must admit your photos are great! I’ve been to Bantayan Island once but it was just for few hours since we need to move to another island. It was really lovely to see its white sand and crystal blue emerald sea. How I wish I could return there very soon. You could also learn more about Cebu in my blog: Cheers!

  2. BGO says

    Hi there I would like to buy a beachfron cebu BANTAYAN ISLAND … can someone give me some advise ?

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