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8 Travel Tips for the First Time Thailand Traveller

First Time Thailand Traveller

Travel Tips for the First Time Thailand Traveller

Thailand is among the most traveled places in Southeast Asia. Many people flying to the continent make Bangkok their hub for touring around the region. With its low and friendly prices, fantastic food, world-class diving, famed beaches, and lush jungles, many consider Thailand as their favorite country in the world.

Novice Monk Thailand
Novice Monk Thailand

Traveling to Thailand is very easy, and many people and places to see. The country is a favorite destination for backpackers because of its convenience and easy access. But while you can never be alone in Thailand, there are also more affordable and isolated destinations for you to explore as well.

If it is your first time traveling to Thailand, here are eight travel tips for you.

1. Planning Your Trip Early

Every bit of early planning on your part will get you closer to affordable travel tickets and promos. With the proper planning, a trip from the United States to Bangkok would cost almost as much as a trip to another state.

Air travel tips:

  • Flying to airport (it’s among the cheapest airports to fly into)
  • Tuesdays are historically the most affordable days for flying
  • Try traveling during an off-season
  • Monitor the flights and wait for the prices to drop

2. Mapping out Your Destination

The majority of the people starting out in Bangkok don’t realize that there’s much to explore in the country. The majority of the people visiting Thailand stay for weeks, and determining how long you will be staying in the place would make up for a good start.

For instance, if you like nature, scenery, and the unique elephant experience, then there’s no better place for it than Thailand’s Chiang Mai along the north. If you want to enjoy the sun and a beachier vibe, you can head out to the Southern regions.

Map out your visits first, and the rest will follow – especially accommodations. It also makes it easier for you to decide what to do when you arrive at the place – whether it’s Canoe vs. Kayak, Scuba diving vs. Fishing, etc.

3. Sort out Your Transportation

Traveling around Thailand is affordable, even when traveling for long distances. For instance, local buses are as cheap as 8 THB for each trip. Motorbikes may cost around 35 THB, and you can always negotiate the price. And depending on the season and climate, you can easily walk in the majority of cities. You’re going to need a water bottle while at it.

The train service is also quite affordable around the city – they only cost around 50 THB. Also, if you happen to feel concerned or confused about transport prices, you can always ask the locals. Thai people are friendly and helpful.

4. Don’t rush it, and plan your trip till the end.

Don’t try to rush things and fit in immediately. The planning and beginning stages are always slow, but it also means you are careful with your steps. Once in Thailand, spend a few days getting a feel of the capital city’s vibes, like walking along the streets of Khao San Road, before going to the southern islands.

You can also save Thailand’s second city on the north – Chiang Mai for later. You will need at least two weeks to chill out in both the north and the south. If you still have time, include Kanchanaburi, the famous Bridge over the River Kwai, in your list.

Buddhist Temple in Thailand
Buddhist Temple in Thailand

5. What to Wear

Belonging to the tropics, Thailand’s hot and sunny climate can get from 27 – 35 degrees Celsius all throughout the year.

Collared shirts such as polos, Bermuda shorts for men, and casual or semi-casual button-down shirts are recommended. Good quality and cargo shorts are also acceptable as long as they look decent. Ladies can settle with collared, fitted, flowy tops. If you’re wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, make sure that the straps are a few inches wide.

Convenient, clean flat closed-toed shoes, especially those that easily slip in and out, are recommended. Sandals and flip-flops are okay, although a closed-toe slip-on will make the feet much cleaner.

A lightweight jacket, cardigan, or pashmina are also suitable for protection against the sun. They also keep you warm during nighttime, which can get cold after sunburn from the beach.

First Time Thailand Traveller
First Time Thailand Traveller

6. What to Eat

Thailand is full of delicious and flavourful cuisine.

You’re in for a treat on your Thailand vacation. This is home to some of the best dishes in the world, so bring an empty stomach and an appetite. You get a taste of Thailand’s delicacies for as little as $1-2 (especially on the streets). Just some of the famous Thai dishes include:

  • Banana Pancakes (Frying dough with banana dipped in sugar, chocolate, and condensed milk)
  • Mango Sticky Rice (mangos, coconut cream, and sticky rice)
  • Pad Kra Pao (Checked to sit fried or minced pork with chilies and basil, served with steamed rice)
  • Red Prok Noodle Soup (Kuay Teow Moo Daeng)
  • Som Tom (papaya mixed with several chilies and vegetables)
  • Som Tam (Shaved papaya tossed with various vegetables and chilies)
Papaya Salad
Papaya Salad

7. Look for Activities and Festivals

Do you want to scuba dive? Or are you more engaged in deep water soloing? Or perhaps you simply want to relax with Thai massage or hang out with the elephants. Whatever it is you want to do, Thailand offers many activities and festivals for the curious traveler.

These are just some of the favorite activities among tourists:

  • Riding on the elephant or bathing them
  • Chilling out in the floating market
  • Learning Muay Thai
  • Enjoying fish spa
  • Attending a traditional yoga class
  • Riding the 3-wheeled motor vehicle called “tuktuk.”
  • Taking traditional cooking classes
  • Exploring the ancient temples
  • Hanging out the night market
Cultural Dancers Thailand
Cultural Dancers Thailand

8. Get the most out of Thailand

Thailand can speak for itself. Its name reminds you of food, beautiful jungles, and pristine beaches. And you just want to explore the place. Thailand has various inexpensive activities, and you’ll never run out of five-star and first-class experiences.

Check out this video to get a fresh perspective of what it’s like traveling to Thailand:

Final Thoughts

Take your time enjoying the beautiful sites and activities. This is a vacation in one of the most colorful countries in Asia. Get the most of it!

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