Real Estate: 10 Handy House Buying Tips

Important House Buying Tips

10 Handy House Buying Tips

Buying property can be a nerve-wracking experience. Here a few things to help you figure out what factors to consider to make it less stressful for you:

House Buying Tips
House Buying Tips

Know What Kind to Buy

 That’s almost always a first on anyone’s list. If you’re like most people, then you aren’t buying a second home or picking up your third or fourth investment property. You’re buying your own place, your own sweet spot under the sun, your own little corner of the world. It might even turn out that that property is the sole one you’ll have to your name. So it’s imperative that you pick the best one, whether this means a bungalow, 2-storey unit or a 6-bedroom one.

Ask about Its History

 Some say it’s against the impermanence of life. When you leave behind a house, you leave behind a legacy. And it goes beyond the idea that a house is something inanimate you leave to your heir. In the best cases, these dwelling places are alive with personality and style. So when you say you leave behind a home, a tradition, it can mean a whole lot of memories spent living in that space. That’s a powerful sentiment. Any property lucky enough to have that kind of sparkling history deserves to end up with a good owner in its future, especially with someone who appreciates the power and pleasure of memory.

Pay Attention to the Location

Some people think it’s a fair trade that the farther your place is from the city center, the less expensive it will be. However, if the location isn’t ideal, you might find yourself in more of a bind. There’s nothing worse than having to pay for a mortgage that compels you to endure a 4 to 6 ride to and from the office. So choose one near your office as much as possible. That or go for houses along a major road or just a few blocks away from big transportation hubs. That way, bopping over from one place to another is easy.

Be Updated on the Latest News

Thailand Business News says the price of single homes in Bangkok as well as in other areas such as Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan increased for the first quarter by about 1.7 percent, on average, compared to the figures recorded for the previous year. However, compared to property prices in neighboring countries such as Singapore, Thailand still offers one of the best deals in terms of real estate prices. By being updated about the latest in local as well as global news about the industry, it’s simple enough to put things into perspective, allowing you to make better buying decisions.

Explore Your Options

World Property Journal says Chinese businessmen were among the first to demonstrate an interest in residential real estate in the country. Now, many vacationers, as well as investors, are following in their footsteps, with top destinations for these buyers being Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai along with Koh Samui and Bangkok. So if you’re in the market for a home and want it in a supremely prime spot of real estate, then you certainly can’t go wrong if you look around for available houses in any of these areas.

Important House Buying Tips
Important House Buying Tips

Use Tools

In the past, finding a place to live in meant getting in touch with an agent who would do most of the work for you, who would filter out options and provide you with choices that meet your requirements. And while hiring an agent is still key to having a stress-free buying process, you could help your agent out by taking care of one step on your own. By using property listing portals, you can easily find available homes in the market. You can browse by city or housing type. Go to DDProperty for house listings and you’ll find them easily enough. This helps you and your agent save on time and effort.

Go Beyond the Staging

Once you have a list, the next step should involve paying a visit to each property until you find the best. One thing you should remember, though, is that most sellers go to the extra effort of showing their properties in their best light. So learn to look beyond the trappings, the settings. Check the architectural bones of the structure instead. Good architectural bones mean you have a classic on your hands just waiting to happen. You just have to position the furniture just right, put up some fresh paint and maybe even install matching furniture sets or interior decors. Know what really matters when you consider a home for its merits than its looks.

Keep It Clean

And that doesn’t just mean doing a general spring cleaning session before you take interested buyers in. It’s also about keeping the space emotionally clean. So make sure you clear the place of any of your personal mementos and keepsakes. The sight of those personal mementos might make shoppers uncomfortable and that could affect the way they feel about the property, giving it a low rating even when the place seems absolutely perfect for them.

Don’t Go Over Your Budget

Your budget is sacred. So don’t even consider going over your it. A few extra hundreds a month might not mean much. But all those costs add up. When you buy a home, that comes with a ton of expenses. From insurance bills and homeowner’s dues to monthly energy costs and even taxes, you have a lot on your plate the moment you say yes to buying a home. So do your best to stick to your budget.

Ask about Hidden Costs

One way to ensure you don’t go over your budget is to make sure you have no hidden costs you need to shell out money for. However, you do still have to contend with legal fees, home inspection fees as well as appraisal charges.


Buying a home doesn’t have to stress you out. With the help of handy house buying tips, you can easily enjoy shopping for the right home.

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