5 Reasons Why Travelers should (Still) Use a USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

Five Reasons Why Travelers should (Still) Use a USB Flash Drive

In this time and age, we really see a USB flash drive anymore. After all, most of us have our smartphones, which can already store gigabytes of data, and everything we need is all in one place-on our palms.

USB Memory Direct Out of Town Pen USB Flash Drives
USB Memory Direct Out of Town Pen USB Flash Drives

To the digital nomad, a USB flash drive might be ancient technology. However, there are some pretty amazing things that only a USB flash drive can do, and it can potentially save you from all the commotion that can happen when you are traveling. Here are five reasons why you should always carry a flash drive with you:

It can store very important travel documents

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A USB flash drive is an indispensable tool for storing very important information. Although smartphones also have a storage function, hear me out. There might be times when you will have to need to reproduce copies of your passport, identification cards like driver’s license or birth certificates, travel details like insurance, hotel booking confirmation, and more.

In the unfortunate occasion that hard copies of these important documents get lost, having softcopies of these greatly helps.

Storing these in a password-protected flash drive will take you a long way, especially when you need to reprint these. You don’t want to connect your smartphone to a public computer in a café just to get these files printed, right?

Out of Town USB Flash Drive
Out of Town USB Flash Drive

You can save phone numbers in it

If you lose or get locked out of your phone, having the phone numbers of your travel agency, embassy, family members, and other important contacts is essential. Storing these in an encrypted folder or file will always do the trick.

Besides safeguarding these important data using a security tool, make sure to keep your USB flash drive in your bag just like how you would keep your other valuables. Thanks to technology, flash drives come in various forms now, aside from the basic stick form that we are all accustomed to.

USB Flash Drives
USB Flash Drives

You can run portable applications with it

If you travel for work, you might have a smaller laptop that you bring along with you so you can continue doing work even while on travel, without the extra weight in your backpack.

Programs like OpenOffice and Mozilla Firefox have portable versions, and you can run them directly from the USB flash drive on your smaller computer effortlessly.

USB Memory Direct Customized USB Flash Drive
USB Memory Direct Customized USB Flash Drive

It serves as extra storage for anything

These can be photos (especially for shutterbugs who can’t stop snapping photos and videos!), video files, and even entertainment files like movies, books, and music. Flash drives with large storage capacities are increasingly becoming cheaper, too.

You do not have to strain your eyes watching in your smartphone, especially if your hotel room has a wide-screen television. Just plug it in and enjoy your vacation to the max. Enough said.

USB Flash Drive
USB Flash Drive

It can serve as a gift for newfound friends

If you ever make friends with someone in the hostel, or a person in a travel or tour group, you can give them your USB flash drive (as long as it does not contain anything important, of course!). You can also store all the photos you took for that person as a souvenir.

Companies like USB Memory Direct offer customized USB flash drives that can be as fancy as a wristband, a round card flip, and pen form.

You can order via their website usbmemorydirect.com, which shows detailed reviews of their different customized USB flash drive products. You can also have everything shipped to you in awesome packaging. They also have a rush delivery option.

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