4th Gagayam Festival set on March 2010

Preparations are now underway for the fourth staging of the Gagayam Festival in the Municipality of  Sabangan Mount Province this March with the theme, “Nan Kultura,” Ipatawid Isnan Unga.

On this occasion, the e-Sabangan will be showcasing their rich culture, traditions and arts hand to them by their forefathers.

This culture-based festival will coincide with the town fiesta on March 19 – 21, in time with the commemoration of the feast of the town’s patron saint, Saint Joseph, The Worker.

Based on the draft activities, the festival consists of a series of events including street dancing, cultural presentation, indigenous games, indigenous literacy musical competitions among the 15 different barangays.

In the street dancing, dance shall depict everything/anything that is ethnic including theme, costume and ethnic implements. Participants shall be not lesser than 30 and shall be a combination of all ages from all walks of life.

In the cultural presentation (choreographed), each barangay will present a traditional ritual practiced by the local tribes. The following cultural practices/rituals will be presented per barangay: “munpabey” by barangay Bao-angan,’awil’ by Bun-ayan,’Begnas’ by Busa,’segep di baey” by Camatagan,’senga’ by Capinitan,’begnas’ by Data,’daw-es’ by Gayang,,’ug-ugbo’ by Lagan,’pakde’ by Losad, ‘bayas’ by Namatec, “sapon di baey” by Napua,’kenta/ated di unga’ by barangay Poblacion,,’sedey’ by Pingad,’lepas’ by Supang, and’waned/wakley’ by Tambingan.

Competition in indigenous literacy musical category, participants for the Dad-dad-at, Day-eng, Uggayam, and Tantandak are high school and elementary students while Buyag and Liw-liwa shall be competed among the secondary students.

Indigenous games on ‘laga di biki’, “ginnuyudan”, and sanggol will be competed among adult men; “sapo di buko”, and “Kunes” by adult women; “bawwet” by adult/high school (men);’sagking sinelas’ by secondary and grade four pupils (female); “ak-akkad and “coconut shells” by secondary and grade 6 (male and female);’pakpaka-ak’ by secondary/grades 5 and 6 pupils (female);’lumba ay menwanes’ by secondary/grade 5 pupils (male); lumba ay menlagayan’ by secondary/grade pupils (female);’penpenek’ by adults/secondary/elementary (male);’depap di besa-ang’ by adults Male/female) who are 40 years old and above; “depap di manok” by adult (male/female).

Other activities include sports like basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, marathon and parlor games. (PIA-MP)


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