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2017’s Most Instagrammed Cities

Moscow Russia

Top 10 most Instagrammed cities in 2017

Sometimes we just got to do it for the ‘gram! This year, there are few countries which standout amongst visitors and Instagram users which billed them to be included in the list of “World’s Most Instagrammed Places of 2017” according to Instagram.

White Christmas in Central Park. Photo via  @bbsinghphoto
White Christmas in Central Park. Photo via @bbsinghphoto

According to The Washington Post, Instagram included, among other stats, the most photographed cities, locations and museums, based on geotagged data, of 2017. Instagram’s data team also highlighted the top hashtags and filters used by its global community of 800 million users this past year.

In an article from, the photo-sharing app revealed that The Big Apple topped their lists on the most-posted city in the world followed by Moscow, London, Sao Paolo, and Paris, which saw a 10-year-high-in visitor-numbers, despite fears over terrorism.

Also, the only Asian country who made it through the top 10 was Jakarta Indonesia, running in 8th place. Check out the complete list below:

Top Ten Most Instagrammed Cities

1. New York, New York

Who wouldn’t be beguiled with the stunning skyscrapers and vibrant Times Square, right? This is a shot by @nycprimeshot. From Statue of Liberty to Central Park, to the Empire State Building, and more picturesque spots, New York definitely got it all for you!

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2. Moscow, Russia

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3. London, United Kingdom

4. Sao Paulo, Brazil

5. Paris, France

6. Los Angeles, California

7. Saint Petersburg, Russia

8. Jakarta, Indonesia

9. Istanbul, Turkey

10. Barcelona, Spain

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Most Instagram Location of 2017

Also included in the article are the unusual entries such as Disneyland in Anaheim, California, which was the most Instagrammed location of 2017, beating several tourist hotspots including Times Square, Central Park, and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York as well as Paris’s Eiffel Tower and Louvre, which was also the most Instagrammed museum in the world.

1. Disneyland, Anaheim, California

2. Times Square, New York

3. Central Park, New York

4. Eiffel Tower, Paris

5. Tokyo Disneyland

6. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando

7. Louvre Museum, Paris

8. Brooklyn Bridge, New York

9. Disney California Adventure Park, Anaheim, Calif.

10. Las Vegas Strip


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